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PENIS FLYTRAP is Heavy and Dark Music of Horror, a Modern Day ( of the Dead ) Grand Guignol De' Electrical Metal/Gothic/Punk/Lycanthropic Landscape Music for Monsters..If you seek to know the Darkest Side of Horror envisioned through the Necomantikal Notes of Musical Morbidity fleshed out by 4 Immortal Ghouls, then PENIS FLYTRAP Welcomes you to the Undead Hell that is our Deadworld! Formed in 1994 by Guitarist/Vocalist Elvorian Von Spivey ( who borrowed Drummer Hal Satan from her previous Goth Ensemble "Mi Diablo " ) , PENIS FLYTRAP started as a 3 chord "simplistic punk type band"..but Horror of Horrors! Elvorian and Lucifer Fulci ( Author of SICK-O Novel "Siki City", Creator of the Horror Convention "Splatterpalooza", Ultra Violent Magazine Columnist, Horror Filmaker and member of the Black Metal Band, WORMFOOD ) were such huge Horror Heads that they could not help but want to form this little punk into a Pumpkin Headed Beast! After a year of playing around Unholywood, Cannibalfornia, an offer came about to back up ex 45 GRAVE singer Dinah Cancer on her most popular hit, "Partytime" from the Horror film RETURN of the LIVING DEAD, at an animal benefit show. The Gore the Merrier, and PFT became a Fearsome Foursome. As The Dark Days of Gore passed and splattered upon the walls of woe, PENIS FLYTRAP contributed music to such films as THE DEAD HATE THE LIVING, HOUSE of the DEAD, TEENAGE SPACE VAMPIRES and a few unmentionables! PFT also has graced the stages of the excellent FANGORIA Weekend of Horrors shows and played alongside of fellow gorehounds THE MISFITS, GWAR, Vio-lence and Balzac. The CD's TALES of TERROR, MUSIC for MONSTERS and the most recent DISMEMBERMENT, have all been wonderfully greeted by Ravenous Fans of Carnage and Horror, and in early 2005 PFT will unleash a new CD of Monstrous proportions entitled " THE GRAND GUIGNOL"! In early 2003, changes started to be felt within the flesh of the beast. Musical directions were reconsidered, stage shows and the all around Horror of PFT was being compromised for reasons that needed to be remedied.
Exit Dinah Cancer and Hal Satan. With the future at hand and Horror being at the Heart of our Darkness, PENIS FLYTRAP continues much in the same way that it started, with Von Spivey and Fulci DYING to tell us all their stories of the macabre, the strange and the fantastic, all wrapped up in a hellish weave of wicked intent. PFT June 2004.

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