sábado, 29 de noviembre de 2008

....................From New Jersey U.S.A.

Miembros Del Grupo:

Paul of the Living Dead - Vocals/Guitar - Paul provides the screams, the vocals, and the chaos.

Grave Rob III - Guitar/Keyboards/Backing Vocals - Rob is here to lay down the lead guitar.

J.T. Scuggs - Bass/Backing Vocals - He plays bass, he yells, and he wears awesome t-shirts.

'Serial' Bill Gotta - Drums/Backing Vocals - Bill is the human metronome, beating the fuck out of the drums like a young Steve Zing.

Ginny Tonic - Brought on board for a string of Halloween shows playing keyboard and rhythm guitar. She's the only Bad Whoremoan with no Y chromosome!


The Bad Whoremoans have risen from the ashes of NJ horror punk outfit the Pumpkin Patch. After playing successfully for a year, the Pumpkin Patch are disbanded until further notice.

Currently the Bad Whoremoans approximately 51% done with their debut album featuring re-recorded songs from the Pumpkin Patch and newer material.


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