sábado, 30 de agosto de 2008

The Demonics:
(2007)-Hot Rod Pussy:
  1. Ritual On The Beach
  2. Jesus Chrysler Super Stock
  3. Devil Baby
  4. 750-4
  5. She's So Gone
  6. When You're Dead
  7. Regan
  8. Red Hot Car
  9. R.I.P.S.T.P.
  10. Purple Hearts
  11. Little Honda
  12. Super Bee
  13. Drag Race In The Cemetery
  14. She Devils On Wheels
  15. Say Ten
  16. Dunebuggy Gang
  17. Fuel Injected Suicide Machine
  18. Aloha Oe
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The Demonics:(2002)-Ritual On The Beach:
  1. Summoning Neptune
  2. Ritual On The Beach
  3. Mavericks
  4. Makaha
  5. Sector 9
  6. Mother Superior
  7. Bikini Bitch
  8. Boys Like Me
  9. What Happened To The Sun
  10. Evil Angel
  11. California Nightmare
  12. Aloha Oe
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The Demonics:(2000)-Demons On Wheels:
  1. She Devils On Wheels
  2. Anestesiologist
  3. Little Honda
  4. Dunebuggy Denise
  5. Race Against Dawn
  6. Purple Hearts
  7. Say Ten
  8. When Your Dead
  9. Pure Hell
  10. Dustin' The Fuzz
  11. Fuel-Injected Suicide Machine
  12. Motorgeddon
  13. [Untitled Track]
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The Demonics:(1998)-Formaldehyde Injection:
  1. Devil Baby
  2. Jesus Chrysler Super Stock
  3. 750-4
  4. She's So Gone
  5. R.I.P.S.T.P
  6. Regan
  7. Hellhound For Booty
  8. Life Of Crime
  9. Girlfriend's Best Friend
  10. Demon Garage
  11. Virgin Mary
  12. The Curse
  13. Super Bee
  14. American Icon
  15. Demonica
  16. Brodies In The Boneyard
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.............From California U.S.A.


The Demonics established themselves in 1996 with the release of their first single, "Super Bee," a punk 'n' surf song that also hailed to the likes of the Stooges and the Ramones. By 1997, after a number of gigs throughout their native California, Man's Ruin Records eventually put out the Demonics' second single, "R.I.P. S.T.P." Their first full-length, Formaldehyde Injection, was also released on Man's Ruin the following year; Demons on Wheels appeared in mid-2000.

"If Anette Funicello and Glen Danzig of the Misfits had a baby, it would be The Demonics". One part Misfits, one part Ramones, one part Beach Boys, and a whole bunch more parts like EVIL and FUN, The Demonics have 3 full length albums and a bunch of singles; recorded by original trio Russ Wright, Dez Mabunga and Courtney Callahan. The lovely Amy Cesari has since taken over the throne, Dez Mabunga is still in the mix, with Russ Wright and Joe Miller on guitar.

martes, 19 de agosto de 2008

......A Llenarse de Orgullo

Compilado Foro Puerta 13:

.....Gracias a gestiones de los encargados del foro puerta 13 y a la participacion de las bandas que estan en este compilado nace esta gran obra, que realmente nos hace ver que el genero se está posicionando con fuerza en latinoamérica. Este material, con bandas de gran calidad, se transforma en una plataforma para que conozcamos nuevas agrupaciones; solo queda decir "que venga pronto el proximo y a apoyar "......

Una Entrada Al Infierno Vol.1:

  1. Morgan - Ciudad Infierno
  2. Traztornados - Frankenstein
  3. Falange & Los Niños Descuartizados - Bip-Bop!
  4. Tios Bizarros - Nalgaroll
  5. Skeletal Horsemen - Born In The Darkness
  6. 4 Maniacos - Prisión Morbo
  7. Las Calacas Locas - Los Muchachos Del Bosque
  8. Rotten Horror - We Are Rotten Boys
  9. Serie B - Feroz
  10. Area 138 - Cementerio Oscuro
  11. Letifer - El Mal Presagio
  12. Momentos Hibridos - Mujeres Perdidas
  13. Necropotencia - Nosferatu
  14. Legacy - Vampire Rock 'N' Roller
  15. No Muertos - No Crees En Fantasmas?

The Other:(2003)-Let There Be Hell:
  1. Beware Of Ghouls
  2. Ripley 8
  3. Hyde Inside
  4. Return Of The Repressed

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lunes, 18 de agosto de 2008

Rival Skulls:
(2006)-Hell Ouverture:
  1. L'enfer
  2. Luciferian Path
  3. Ghost Of Louvre
  4. A Vampyrism Theory
  5. Thing Wout Sun
  6. Sublime Dead Next Dawn
  7. My Succubus
  8. Carpathian Night
  9. The Horned Angel
  10. When My Life Will End
  11. Spiral Dance
  12. Alone
  13. Ravenchild
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domingo, 10 de agosto de 2008

Rival Skulls:
(2003)-Something Macabre This Way Comes:
  1. Antropophagus
  2. We Are The Rival Skulls
  3. Young Frankenstein
  4. Leatherface
  5. The Manimal
  6. Curse Of The Mummy
  7. Evildead
  8. Kill Jason Kill
  9. King Insect Go!
  10. Ed Wood
  11. Robot Monsters
  12. Bride Of Blood

...........From Italia

Miembros del grupo:

Actual Members: Michelle Deadend, Pibe, Niky, Vick, Straw.
Former Members: Michelle Deadend, Pibe, Niky, Vick, Mago.


It’s not easy for an Italian band to break out into the international music scene, but in Venice, since 1999, Deathrockers Rival Skulls have been hailed for being the One and Only Horror Rock band from Italy to do just that. After releasing two successful self-produced full length albums (the Death Masks and Something Macabre this way comes...), some demos, and a fistful of compilations, the quintet did a couple of European tours and supported some big names in the horror-scene such as the Misfits, Meteors, Nekromantix and the Spook. Many of the most popular music magazines and webzines reviewed the Rival Skulls’s production as the most legitimate offspring of the Misfits and Samhain’s work in the entire worldwide. The band has just unleashed its first label debut, Hell Ouverture, on Blood and Guts Records. The albums sound shows the evolution of how the band has changed over the years, without losing their macabre vein and underlining their passion on the esoteric themes. All the songs on the album are a bit of their own experiences viewed by the side of the occult and expressing the Daily-Horror in peoples lives. From soft and sweet pagan to violently horrific lyrics, the music easily swings from fast and aggressive hardcore-punk to a sort of Sabbathian metal-rock, with some Gothic and Dark hints to it. The band’s trademark vocals, addictive riffs and powerful choruses are still there but the sound is slicker, more polished and more mature than the previous albums and is a definitely one more step away from the Misfits’s supporting band they started out as.