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(2006)-The Devil Made Me Do It:
  1. Open Sore
  2. Going Under
  3. Long Way Down
  4. Covered In Blood
  5. Past Repeats Itself
  6. Intermission
  7. Same Old Song
  8. Weapons Of Mass Destruction
  9. Internal Bleeding
  10. Black Cats And Broken Mirrors
  11. Lazy
  12. Break Of Day
  13. Never Say Goodbye
  14. Stray
  15. Nothing Unusual
  16. Shades Of Gray


...Una banda que promete juicehead!!!


For some bands there are no accidents only destiny. Misfits Records is proud to announce the latest addition to it’s powerhouse punk rock label roster, JUICEHEAD!Ready, aimed and focused this three-piece power-trio, Rob Vannice (Guitar and Vocals), Tommy Kloss (Bass) and Zac-D (percussion) have already taken the Windy City by storm and are set to launch worldwide via Misfits Records. Taking their punk rock assault to the masses, in an age of corporate approved pseudo-punk, Chicago's Juicehead are truly the real deal. Their impressive 16-track debut, "The Devil Made Me Do It", is packed with face-ripping guitar muscle, sing-along hooks and a sonic rhythm section that demolishes buildings in its wake!Armed with a hard, aggressive melodic arsenal and thought provoking lyrics, Juicehead proudly defines the new breed of American punk rock. It’s all there, but be forewarned Juicehead pull no punches and will not hesitate to tell it like it is. Their music is infectious, contagious and the outbreak is spreading with enough punch to satisfy most old school punk rock fans, while simultaneously delivering a universal sound that any enlightened music fan will truly appreciate. Juicehead is what you’ve been looking for.Formed in late 2003, Juicehead forged from the ashes of several local punk bands and fused a unique union of skilled playing and solid songwriting. Members Rob Vannice and Zac-D have been active in the Chicago underground since 2000 in various bands, but after being estranged they crossed paths again. This time Rob had a secret weapon Tommy Kloss, a classically trained guitarist turned bass player with who he had been honing the Juicehead sound. With the addition of Zac-D on drums, the sound catapulted the power trio into ear bleeding abandon and an ambition to take it to the stage. Juicehead recently did just that all across North America on Misfits Records’ Fiend Fest tour featuring the Misfits, Osaka Popstar, The Adicts, UK Subs, Orange, and Juicehead! 2007 finds Juicehead on tour throughout North America (July-Sept.) with surf-punk pioneers Agent Orange.

The Bones:

(2007)-Burnout Boulevard:

  1. Mighty touchdown
  2. Flatfline Fever
  3. She Hates Me (Yeah Yeah Yeah)
  4. Stuck In The Mud
  5. Not My kind
  6. Straight Flush Ghetto
  7. Sealed With A Fist
  8. Dead Weight
  9. Ain't Life A Mother Fucker
  10. Not Predictable
  11. Destination X
  12. Black Day Boogie
  13. Too Many Miles
  14. Fools Vacation
  15. Fit In My Skin

The Bones:

(2006)-Partners In Crime Vol. 1:
  1. I Wanna Be Sedated
  2. Yesterdays Hero
  3. It's My Life
  4. Home Swing Hell
  5. Psycho Dad
  6. King Of Fools


The Bones:
.............Éste single lo condeguí gracias al mejor creador de blog del género a mi parecer, zombs, ya que no sólo lanza discos al azar sino que nutre de información de las bandas, de aquí saque la idea de mi blog. Éste disco lo encuentras en uno de sus blog: http://horror-punk.blogspot.com/ ( no olvides visitarlo).

(2006)-King Kerosin (Single):

  1. King Kerosin


The Bones:

(2004)-Straight Flush Ghetto:
  1. Spit It Out
  2. Do You Wanna...
  3. Not Another Lovesong
  4. Half Of Nothing
  5. Railroad Track
  6. Until I Die
  7. Gazoline Business
  8. Dog Almighty
  9. Viva 13
  10. Never
  11. The Chevy Devils
  12. Troublebound
  13. Shut Up, Get Out
  14. Bottle Cry Salut
  15. Far Beyond Me (No Está)
  16. I Don`t Want You.... (Tampoco)


The Bones:

(2002)-Bigger Than Jesus:

  1. Chrome, Smoke And Thunderroads
  2. Hey Baby
  3. Denial
  4. Something's Wrong
  5. Hate
  6. Casino Knockout
  7. Memphis '77
  8. Screwed, Blued And Tattooed
  9. Going Nowhere
  10. Flashback
  11. Zero To Ten
  12. Graveyard Gloria F.O.D
  13. Long Gone


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The Bones:

(2000)-Screwed, Blued And Tattooed:

  1. Intro
  2. Dead End Cruisin'
  3. Slick
  4. Home Sweet Hell
  5. Hotrod Teen
  6. Cheap To Keep
  7. Little Surfin' Demonbabe
  8. Pumpin' Gas
  9. I Met Elvis At Nudybar
  10. Born To Butch
  11. Me, Mike And John Wayne
  12. Less Than Zero
  13. Every Little Thing
  14. Monsters Prefer Blondes
  15. Wu Tang Sucks

The Bones:

(2000)-Six Feet Under And Two Fingers Up:

  1. Pumpin' Gas
  2. Home Sweet Hell
  3. Specimen 32
  4. Some Kinda Freaks
  5. Horrorway
  6. Barbie Got Killed


...........¿Punk'n'Roll?...porqué no!!!


Rockers, Shockers, Punx and Drunks! The mighty BONES from Karlskrona / Sweden are set again to kick all fake ass posers off the scene. After three long years Europe’s most acclaimed Punk Rock´n´rollers prove yet again their right to Rock`N`Roll`s throne by giving birth to their 4th long player "Burnout Boulevard".
The new album will hit stores on October 22nd, 2007, all over Europe and keeps up THE BONES typical straight line from start to finish. "Burnout Boulevard" was produced by lead guitarist Marcus “Boner” Petersson and recorded at the renowned MWC Studios in Karlskrona / Sweden. The Pre-Production took place at Music-A-Matic Studios in Gothenburg / Sweden, a place known for bands like Millencollin, Hellacopters, The Nomads, D.A.D. and many more.Singer Beef Bonanza states on the new material: "...ups and downs, the rights and wrongs...the life in general has always been a good motivator for us to write new songs. Good times and bad
times, some dents and scratches along the way. We´ve been through a lot over the years and this is the world how we kinda see it. We´re not here to tell anyone how to act or what to think, life is like an action filled triple lane and "Burnout Boulevard" is our report from the middle of that street!"
Touring continues, beside loads of solo shows, next on the bands tour schedule is the 2007 issue of the world famous Rock`N`Roll festival tour "Bad Boys For Life". Recently the band has headlined several festivals and toured arenas together with Die Toten Hosen and shared stages with other amazing bands like Motörhead, Dropkick Murphys, and Hatebreed to name just a few. The vinyl version of "Burnout Boulevard" will be available trough the bands former label People Like you Records. Get your boots on and be ready for another genre dominating full throttle brick of THE BONES!

Michale Graves:

(2008)-Demos & Live Cuts Vol.III:

  1. Casket
  2. Blackbird
  3. One Million Light Years from Her
  4. Die Monster Die
  5. Groundzero NYC
  6. Wasting
  7. Hate The Living Love The Dead
  8. Witch Hunt
  9. Lost In Space
  10. Weeds
  11. Fiend Without A Face
  12. Mort D'amour
  13. Speak Of The Devil
  14. Spiderman
  15. Crying On Saturday Night
  16. The Haunting
  17. Attack Of The Butterflies
  18. Shoelace
  19. White Light
  20. Tell Me
  21. So Don't You Know
  22. Dig Up Her Bones
  23. Ophelia
  24. Resurrection
  25. Creo Burn
  26. You Awful Me

Parte 1: http://www.mediafire.com/?dddwj9imyh2

Parte 2: http://www.mediafire.com/?oym2mzbxyjz

Michale Graves:


  1. The Blackness And The Forest
  2. Almost Home
  3. Teenage Monster
  4. Frostbite
  5. Wormwood
  6. Nothing
  7. 1000 Cracks Of Daylight
  8. Gorch
  9. Lucifer I Am
  10. Where The Sky Ends
  11. Shelter
  12. Dig Up Her Bones
  13. Crying On Saturday Night (Live)
  14. When We Were Angels
  15. Silent Partner


Michale Graves:

(2007)-Demos & Live Cuts Vol.II:

  1. Walk Me Thru The Graveyard
  2. Shoelace (Demo)
  3. Butchershop ("Bay Ave" Version)
  4. One Moment Away (Original Version)
  5. Return To Earth (Original Demo)
  6. Air Superiority
  7. Monster (Original Demo)
  8. Nobody Thinks About Me (Original Demo)
  9. House (Original Demo)
  10. Whitelight (Canada Demo 99)
  11. All The Cars Behind Me (Original Demo)
  12. Sometimes The Buildings Cry (Original Demo)


Michale Graves:

(2007)-Demos & Live Cuts Vol.I:

  1. Almost Home (Octopod Studio Demo) (Melancholy Mix)
  2. Creepy Crawly (Octopod Studio Demo) (Mopes Mix)
  3. Dead Beat (Octopod Studio Demo) (Psycho Mix)
  4. Lucifer, I Am (Demo)
  5. Frostbite (Demo)
  6. I Like To Watch Them
  7. Shoelace (Original Demo)
  8. Dig Up Her Bones / Crying On Saturday Night (Live CBGB '06)
  9. Almost Home (Live Acoustic CBGB '06)
  10. Blackbird (Original Demo)
  11. Thousand Cracks Of Daylight
  12. The Blackness And The Forest


Michale Graves:

(2006)-Return To Earth:

  1. Monster
  2. We Wait
  3. One Moment Away
  4. Fountains Of Heroine
  5. Creepy Crawly
  6. Dead Beat
  7. Nobody Thinks About Me
  8. The House
  9. Return To Earth
  10. Butchershop

Michale Graves:

(2005)-Punk Rock Is Dead:

  1. Beware
  2. Teenage Monster
  3. Earth VS Spider
  4. Exit
  5. 1119
  6. Story Book And Rhyme
  7. Godzilla
  8. Queen Taste
  9. Radio Deadly
  10. Punk Rock Is Dead
  11. Dawn Of The Dead



(2001)-Web Of Dharma:

  1. One Million Light Years From Her
  2. So Don't You Know
  3. Blackbird
  4. Tell Me
  5. Ophelia
  6. Casket
  7. Attack Of The Butterflies
  8. Shoestring
  9. Iridescent White Light


............Mas clásicos. Michale Graves


In the fall of 1995 Michale Graves was nineteen and recording a demo in Lodi, New Jersey with his little known band "Mopes" when the owner mentioned that some of his friends were looking for a singer and that he might be what they were looking for. After some contemplation, Michale made a phone call to schedule an audition that would ultimately change the course of his life forever. He was about to get that all elusive "big break" that everyone is always waiting for.
On Halloween night in 1995 after a brief appearance on stage at The Roseland Ballroom in New York City, he became the lead singer and played his first official gig at a club called Coney Island High with one of the most legendary punk rock bands of all time, The Misfits.
Michale continued writing songs over the next few months and recorded demos with the new lineup in May of 1996 at Trax East Studios in South River, NJ. The band soon kicked off an explosive tour of Europe and the United States dubbed "Resurrection". After attending a concert at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park NJ, Ben Horowitz, of The Record, described "Graves" as "an athletic young man from Dumont...perpetually in motion. Fully immersing himself in the moshing spirit of the occasion, at one point leaping onto the crowds outstretched arms while singing.".............Incompleto, si quieres seguir leyendo has click en:

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Sacred Trash:

.........Antes que bajes este disco quiero informar que no lo hubiese tenido bajo mi poder sino hubiese sido por occiso y su blog (http://occiso13.blogspot.com/), no dejes de visitarlo, fué uno de los pioneros en subir material de éste género. En cuanto al disco un muy buen trabajo, son 8 temas directamente desde las sombras!!!

(1995)-Sacred Trash:

  1. Wings Of The World
  2. D.M.V.
  3. Psycho-Magnet
  4. Halloween
  5. My Mom
  6. Ridin The Ponies
  7. Walking Dead
  8. Seahag

......Uno de los pasados del Dr. Chud!!!

Durring the time Dr. Chud was playing with Kryst The Conquerer and Jerry was trying to get the Misfits name back, Chud started Sacred Trash. A band where Chud could perform the songs he and basses X had written. The band is a raunchy punk/rock band focusing on a variety of subjects. Chud and X 's humor shows through as most songs have very comical overtones.
Sacred Trash had one release, a self titled E.P. on cassette. 1,000 copies produced In January of 1995, Then Re-Realease on CD in June 2003 on Bloodwork Records. The whole record was written by chud and X and produced by Chud and was released on Real Life Horror Records. Reel Life Horror Records was established by Chud for Sacred Trash and has not put anything else out since. The lineup included Chud on Vox/Guitar, X on Bass/Keys/Vox and Liochi on Drums. Liochi hails from Brazil.

Dr. Chud:

(2004)-Diagnosis For Death:

  1. Powerless
  2. Mommy Made Luv 2 An Alien
  3. Heavy Metal
  4. Spiderbaby
  5. Blue Skin
  6. Goodbye
  7. Rabid
  8. Bury You Alive


.......postearé un poco los clásicos,a alguien les puede faltar!!!


Dr.Chud. That name alone strikes fear and disgust to those unlucky enough to know it. Who is he? Where did he come from? Well I am going to try and piece together his checkerd and quite bloody past. Most of you have heard of the abominable Doctor due to the 6 years he spent with the legendary punk rock group known as The MISFITS, but there is far more to this story than that. On April 4th, 1964 this world was unfortunate enough to witness the birth of Chud, named after the movie that would be made some 20 years later with the acronym Canniblistic Humanoid Underground Drummer!.
He started his professional musical career as the lead skin beater for DAN KIDNEY and the PULSATIONS. For 8 years he terrozied audiences with the Pulsations until the band broke away and Chud latched onto SARDONICA featuring the legendary Sal Bee and Fish. The band was sort of a warm up of things to come. Playing hard hitting horror rock fit Chud well and when the call came from Jerry Only of The Misfits for Chud to join up, he answered back with a affirimative "yes".
It took time for The Misfits to actually be The Misfits so during a drawn out and complicated battle between the bands original singer Glenn Danzig and Jerry as to who really owns the band's name, Chud started a side-project known as "SACRED TRASH. Chud wrote, played guitar and even sang on the bands debut and only release known simply as "Sacred Trash". The band would not last long sadly enough as Jerry had gained The Misfits name and things began to move in a horrificly fast gear.....INCOMPLETO.......si quieres seguir leyendo has click en el enlace y luego en "bio".

Gorgeus Frankenstein:
...............Si bien este disco ya se ha hecho conocido, no podía faltar en el blog por su calidad, además Doyle retorna de manera mas agresiva en este proyecto acercándose a la influencia que se hace notoria "El Maestro Danzig"........

(2007)-Gorgeous Frankenstein:

  1. Gorgeous Frankenstein
  2. Man Or Monster
  3. Devil Girl
  4. Hell Angel
  5. Reverse Of God
  6. Mothernight
  7. Speed Witch
  8. Made In Hell


................El Retorno De Doyle en Gorgeus Frankenstein


In the fallen remains of the Resurrected Misfits rose a project that would find its origins through the vision of Guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein. Doyle, the hulking Misfits axeman, with his unmistakable presence and notorious guitar sound began to write songs that would most recently become recorded and released under the banner of the name Gorgeous Frankenstein. The name was decided upon as a way to combine both Doyle and wife Stephanie Bellars (Gorgeous George of WC...wrestling fame) names into one conceptual theme. Doyle originally wrote the first few songs of the Gorgeous Frankenstein project with for wife George to dance to. Reuniting after many years with his mentor Glenn Danzig upon a chance occurance initiated by George, fate dealt a wonderful hand. A rekindled friendship now between them, Doyle brought Glenn’s attention to his new project. Danzig soon suggested he produce and release the songs on his label Evillive. Glenn has played a major role in the development of the band in the sense that he has overseen and guided the efforts from the very beginning. After having his foundations set, Doyle then set out to assemble the band. Argyle Goolsby of Blitzkid fame was suggested to Doyle though friend Dr. Chud after Goolsby completed a tour as touring bassist for Dr. Chuds’ band the X Ward. Upon Chud’s suggestion Goolsby sent his audition tape to Doyle and not long after that received the call to join the band. Time elapsed as a drummer and vocalist was sought. Auditions were held and in August of 2007 Doyle called Goolsby who was at the time on tour in Europe with Blitzkid informing him that a singer had been found but the drummer position hadn’t been so fortunate yet. Landon Blood had recently been recruited to sing on the upcoming record and front the band live. Landon a resident of Las Vegas, NV. made numerous trips to CA. to visit with Doyle and Glenn most of that time spent in the studio to lay down vocal tracks for the album. During this time a drummer was still being sought out and Argyle Goolsby continued to tour with his band Blitzkid until his services and presence was needed out west. Glenn would be shooting a video for the band in a weeks time from that phone call given to Goolsby, and for the time a fill in drummer was needed at least for the video shoot. Goolsby suggested that his drummer Jesco fly out to California with him to meet up and appear in the video. This plan went through and a week later both Goolsby and Jesco were in California for the video shoot. After shooting the video Goolsby with Jesco along visited Doyle and George for some time and they both got to know Jesco. Before the two returned home Jesco was asked to join Gorgeous Frankenstein. Goolsby and Jesco were informed while they were there that Glenn had just arranged for a 3 week tour of America that upcoming October and that Gorgeous Frankenstein were going to be the opening band.............(Incompleto)......leer mas en:


Grave Robber:

(2008)-Be Afraid:

  1. The Exorcist
  2. Skeletons
  3. Burn, Witch Burn
  4. Bloodbath
  5. Rigor Mortis
  6. Buried Alive
  7. Screams Of The Voiceless
  8. Golgotha
  9. Reanimator
  10. Schizofiend
  11. Dark Angel
  12. I Wanna Kill You Over And Over Again
  13. I, Zombie
  14. Army Of The Dead


.........From Indiana U.S.A. Grave Robber

Predetermined in the mind of The Reanimator at The Void, Grave Robber was unleashed upon an unsuspecting, pre-apocalyptic Earth, A.D. 2005.As wounded and mutilated souls suffering curses unfathomable, death was their eternal verdict. Once submitting to The Reanimator as their Master, inviting The Ghost to indwell within them, and electing to die to themselves, the zombie slaves escaped the clutches of the grave.Now, these devil's rejects arm themselves with sonic, vibratory executions and images of horrific realities, bringing an onslaught of sound and warning that will ring into eternity. Rest assured, you will be afraid. You will be very afraid.Fans of The Misfits, Alice Cooper, Type O Negative, Gwar, Kiss, Danzig, and Rob Zombie will find themselves feeling as though they strolling in familiar musical history, yet simultaneously wading through a dense mire of uncharted territory. There’s nothing more terrifying than the unknown. Grave Robber is the one band that can hold your hand on a decidedly horrifying romp, leading you safely to the other side.

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Blase Debris:

(2003)-Bury The Hatchet (EP):

  1. Bunkbed Rebellion
  2. Grace Coal
  3. Nothing Lasts Forever
  4. Ol' Man Potters Daughter
  5. My Prescription
  6. Thorn In My Side


........From new york u.s.a. Blase Debris!!!


Formed in 2002, Blasé DeBris have blasted out of the New York Punk Scene faster than a horde of Bats. A band so powerful that the team behind the long running, globally-distributed punk periodical Altercation would be forced to initiate a record label simply for the sake of putting out a release of such magnitude. They play with a fury and sound that harkens back to the classic punk landscape of Generation X, an image crafted from the shadows of the Damned, a 1950's harmonic tinge as darkly perfected as anything in the Misfits' catalog, all tied together into a Phil Spector Wall-of-Sound production approach...it is a feat of sonic mastery, the rare gem among stones.

The Lurking Corpses:

(2006)-Lust For Blood:

  1. Orgy In The Mausoleum
  2. Goblin Fire
  3. We Are Vampires
  4. Dead Girl
  5. Into The Crypt
  6. Mark Of The Devil
  7. Scream And Scream Again
  8. Werewolf Queen
  9. Nun Vomit
  10. Caroline
  11. She Said Goodbye
  12. Graveyard Devourment
  13. Waiting To Die
  14. He Kills Night After Night
  15. The Beckoning
  16. Death Train
  17. Lust For Blood
  18. Witchcult '77
  19. Oh Sherry (Creature Of The Night)
  20. Something Wicked This Way Comes

The Lurking Corpses:
(2003)-23 Tales Of Terror:
  1. Come To My Castle
  2. When Your Body Dies
  3. Fear The Wolf
  4. Meet Me In The Graveyard
  5. Amy
  6. The Killer Is Near
  7. Zombies (Across The Hill)
  8. Freaky Demon
  9. Horror Geek
  10. Ghoulita Is Out Tonight
  11. Into The Slaughterhouse
  12. March Of The Lurking Corpses
  13. We Want Your Blood
  14. Bleed For Satan
  15. Hunger Fiend
  16. Mummy Cum
  17. Werewolf Bitch
  18. Sweet Lycanthropy
  19. Bucket Of Flesh
  20. She Will Never Come Home
  21. Shakin' It
  22. Zombie Bitch In Heat
  23. The Witch's Cunt

.........From Indiana u.s.a. THE LURKING CORPSES!!!


Since 2001, The Lurking Corpses have been "bringing the terror on" and fulfilling every horror geek's wet dream. Their music could be discribed as a blend of catchy Horror Punk and old school Thrash & Death Metal. The band mends violent, gory lyrics with tongue in cheek humor and dark sarcasm. Elements of Doo-Wop, Rockabilly, Arena Rock, and Country are also thrown into the mix displaying the band's diverse influences. Influences also come from many classic horror films of the past including the work of Hammer Studios, Universal Studios, Amicus Studios, William Castle, Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney Jr., Ed Wood, Lucio Fulci, Dario Argento, 80's Slashers, and 70's Exploitation films. The band also draws inspiration from E.C. and other classic horror comics. The band takes much pride in their energetic and theatric stage show. Discography: "23 Tales of Terror" (2003), "Lust for Blood" (2006), "Smells Like the Dead" (2008). As seen with: The Independents, Millions of Dead Cops (MDC), The Murder Junkies, Blitzkid, Gein and the Graverobbers, Asschapel, The Koffin Kats, The Nerds, Dead Moon, Estuary, The Queers, Green Jelly, and many more.


................Exelente banda, se recomienda absolutamente, casi hago del tema karnizero un himno para mi.........

(2005)-Horror Punk:

  1. Introviolencia
  2. Jack
  3. Hay Una karta Para Ti
  4. Karnizero
  5. Sabin Etxea
  6. Venganza
  7. Viernes
  8. Adictos
  9. Ed Gein
  10. La Fe

.......Inzesto, horror español!!!

......INZESTO se formó en Sodupe (Bizkaia) en Junio de 2004 por 4 locos que venían de tocar en otros grupos como: KON EL PEGA AL REVES, DNG, APALANKAOS ó ZUMO DE UVA, con Jon a la Voz, Joseba a la Guitarra, Zigor al Bajo y Fiz a la Batería.
Después de varios conciertos, en Octubre de ese mismo año deciden grabar 10 temas, que verían la luz en Febrero de 2005 bajo el título de “Horror Punk”. El disco es editado por el sello anticomercial PERROVACA BANAKETAK, creado por varios miembros del grupo, y distribuido por canales no comerciales.
A finales de Julio de 2005 entra Víctor como 2º guitarra. Justo un mes después graban 8 temas más que nunca vieron la luz (2 versiones de Misfits entre ellas), aunque varios de ellos han sido repartidos en diferentes recopilatorios como la revista TUPA (editada por DDT) y los recopilatorios Magdeburg Compilation y Benfit Sagadda (ambos editados en Alemania).
En Febrero de 2006 graban otros 5 temas nuevos, 1 de ellos para el recopilatorio del Aniversario del Gaztetxe de Alonsotegi (Bizkaia) y los otros 4 para un EP compartido con la veterana banda Hardcore Vizcaína JAN que fue editado en Noviembre de 2006 por varios sellos anticomerciales.
En Enero de 2007 Zigor (Bajo) abandona el grupo y es sustituido por Rulos (Infrakuerpos) a las 4 cuerdas. Reconstituido el grupo, tenemos la intención de preparar durante este 2007 lo que será nuestro 2º disco en solitario, algunos videoclips que irán en el CD, y un DVD para descargar gratis desde nuestra web.

Abra Kadaver:

(2006)-Restos De Rabia:

  1. Death Intro
  2. De Generacion En Generacion
  3. La Duda
  4. La Ultima Jugada
  5. El Espectador
  6. Mensajeros De La Muerte
  7. Angeles Y Demonios
  8. Escapando Del Desierto Gris
  9. El Pozo De Los Lamentos
  10. Vida Miseria
  11. Ajuste De Cuentas
  12. Arima Galdua
  13. La Escuela De Las Américas
  14. Maldicion De Malinche Y En Mamariga
  15. Dias Y Flores
  16. Que Hago Yo Ahora
  17. Títeres
  18. Lenta Agonia
  19. En El Fondo Del Mar
  20. Gritando A La Luna


Abra Kadaver:

(2006)-Tormenta De Odio:

  1. La Escuela De Las Américas
  2. Degeneración En Generación
  3. Falsa Apariencia
  4. La Ultima Jugada
  5. Angeles Y Demonios
  6. Qué Hago Yo Ahora?
  7. Oir, Ver Y Callar
  8. En El Fondo Del Mar...
  9. Perro Viejo
  10. Gritando A La Luna


Abra Kadaver:

(2004)-La furia De Los Desheredados:

  1. Lenta Agonia
  2. El Pozo De Los Lamentos
  3. Ajuste De Cuentas
  4. Tercera Galeria
  5. Mensajeros De La Muerte
  6. Arima Galdua
  7. La Duda
  8. Dias Y Flores
  9. El Pecado De La Creacion
  10. Sangrando De Ilusion


Abra Kadaver:


  1. Un Dia Mas
  2. Ladrones De Sueños
  3. Vida Miseria
  4. El Espectador
  5. En Mamariga
  6. Enganchado A La Rabia
  7. El Ultimo Suspiro
  8. Escapando Del Desierto Gris
  9. Cansada De Todo
  10. La Maldicion De Malinche
  11. Titeres
  12. Sembrando El Odio


.......Punk Hardcore con aires de HORROR!!!

Abra Kadaver: Historia:

Abra kadaver es un grupo de Punk Hardcore que se formó en el año 2000 en la Kultur Etxea de Mamariga (Santurtzi).Viven en el márgen izquierdo del Nervion, concretamente en la desembocadura, mas conocida como el ABRA, en un pueblo de tradicion marinera casi olvidada debido a que no tiene costa porque ha sido totalmente destruida por la mano del hombre, de ahi el nombre del grupo.Abra Kadaver son un grupo antisistema, con un proyecto musical que pretende difundir su mensaje: denunciar las injusticias que vive la sociedad dando su punto de vista de amargura y rabia intentando cambiar algo por pequeño que sea, siendo conscientes de que somos parte del problema y de la solución.

miércoles, 14 de mayo de 2008

Horror Story:
(2007)-Sons Of Hell Island:
  1. Sons Of Hell Island
  2. Be My Voodoo Doll
  3. 13 Ghosts
  4. Helldoll
  5. Bloodrinking 101
  6. Triformissgoddess
  7. Devils Juke Box