miércoles, 28 de mayo de 2008

........From new york u.s.a. Blase Debris!!!


Formed in 2002, Blasé DeBris have blasted out of the New York Punk Scene faster than a horde of Bats. A band so powerful that the team behind the long running, globally-distributed punk periodical Altercation would be forced to initiate a record label simply for the sake of putting out a release of such magnitude. They play with a fury and sound that harkens back to the classic punk landscape of Generation X, an image crafted from the shadows of the Damned, a 1950's harmonic tinge as darkly perfected as anything in the Misfits' catalog, all tied together into a Phil Spector Wall-of-Sound production approach...it is a feat of sonic mastery, the rare gem among stones.

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