miércoles, 14 de mayo de 2008

........From Nueva Zelanda......here comes the new horror...

Horror Story:


Horror Story have existed since 2000 when 4 veteran Punk Rock n Rollers got together to stitch up the ultimate Horror Punk Monster. Based in New Plymouth, New Zealand, Horror Story have exceeded all expectations and limitations to become a real force on the New Zealand scene. Based around the croonings of Dr. Hell and the ferocious Guitar attack of Nigel Von Toxic, the rythym section has had a few changes, but notable members Mykill Blood (bass) Justin Time (Drums) released a 666 copy limited edition "Monsterpiece" in 2001. It quickly became a highly sought after album, and ended up selling 1000 copies in New Zealand alone! With new additions Undead Semp on Bass and Craig de Plague on Drums, An E.P "Making a Monster" and full-length album "Graverobbers from Outer Space" was well received in N.Z and abroad, picking up mentions in Australian Kerrang! Magazine and a few N.Z publications as well, "Graverobbers..." was picked up by U.S label "Crypt of Blood Records" and German label "Fiendforce Records" for distribution in their respective territories. Craig de Plague left in early 2004, but not before recording most of the tracks for a limited edition E.P "Rock n Roll Frankenstein" which also features bonus tracks recorded with new drummer Craig Psycho, recorded on the same day. "Bride of the Monster" was the next Full-length to be released, featuring art from famed New Zealand artist Simon Morse, and helped propel the band to be one of the top bands on the burgeoning Horror Punk movement world-wide. Undead Semp left in 2006 to start up his own project and was replaced by Von Toxics brother Shawn Toxic. A huge recording session on 06/06/06 resulted in an E.P "Sons of Hell Island" and a forthcoming full-length album "Songs from The Devils Jukebox". In between these albums and line-up changes, there have been plenty of live shows, a few magazine articles and reviews (U.K Metal Hammer, New Zealand Musician, Rip it Up has had a few mentions as well and Real Groove) Broadsword Comics in the U.S.A has included the band in 2 of its publications: "Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose" and "School Bites". Appearences on T.V shows such as the now defunct Space T.V, 3 appearences on XSTV and videos being popular on C4 and Alt T.V showcasing the bands love for B-Grade Horror imagery. Horror Story have also had a fair share of tracks being included on both domestic compilations such as: Puppy Killer Records vol 1 and 2, Demon Nation vol 2, Have a Beer Mate vol 1, Awesome Feelings and the Illicit "Throw Up Ya Goats" tribute C.D to deceased friend of the band Martin F. Emond. Exposure on International Horror Rock compilation "The Horror of it All Vol 2" released by the World Horror Network cemented Horror Storys name on the international scene. Late 2005 saw the band win a world-wide online battle of the bands, and a tour of the U.S.A was the prize, unfortunately the organizer didnt think a band from New Zealand would win, and decided to cancel the whole thing and pack up his booking agency of 13 years. Horror Story have shared stages and held their own with bands like The Misfits, UK Subs, The Bleeders, The Rabble, OneBadWeekendm Ritalin, Die! Die! Die!, The Fanatics, The Accelerants, Deja Voodoo, Sommerset, Day of Contempt, The Mint Chicks, Missing Teeth, Red Hot Pussy Liquor, City Newton Bombers, Black Chrome, The Bludgers, Puppeteers of Hatred, Flesh D-Vice and many others. The bands popularity on websites like Myspace.com results in fans from all over the globe wanting to see Horror Story in their town and C.D sales and downloads from sites like iTunes continue to increase over time. We are the dead, The Graverobbers from Outer Space, We are HORROR STORY.


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