lunes, 29 de junio de 2009

Koffin Kats:
(2008)-Drunk In The Daylight:
  1. Storm Ahead
  2. If I Return
  3. Loud And Hard
  4. For Blood
  5. Drunk In The Daylight
  6. A Vampire's 2084
  7. Battery Acid Baby
  8. Laws Of Sanity
  9. Above Me, Beyond You
  10. At The Bar
  11. Bad Apple
  12. The Experiment
  13. Blue Eyed Drug
  14. Theme For A Sinner
  15. Chaos
  16. Well Oiled Machines
  17. Our Faded Funeral
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Koffin Kats:(2006)-Straying From The Pack:
  1. March Of The Waynos
  2. Splatterhouse
  3. Setting Her Free
  4. Mechanical Youth
  5. Graveyard Tree III
  6. Crack Rock
  7. Buzzkill Bitch
  8. For Hire
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Koffin Kats:(2005)-Inhumane:
  1. Mors Ex Infernus
  2. Hatred
  3. Darker Place
  4. Caught Up
  5. Chainsaw Massacre
  6. Vampires Curse
  7. Demon Demon
  8. She's Deadly
  9. Meltdown
  10. Die Cat Die
  11. Graveyard Tree I
  12. Hitlist
  13. Perfect Suicide
  14. Purgatory
  15. 2084
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Koffin Kats:(2003)-Koffin Kats:
  1. Mors Ex Supera
  2. Graveyard Tree
  3. Red Alert
  4. V8 Nightmare
  5. Koffin Kat Rock
  6. Sleep
  7. One Revived
  8. Needles & Blades
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...From Detroit U.S.A...


Vic Victor - Electrified Double Bass/Vox
Tommy Koffin - Strings/Vox
E-Ball Walls- Drums/Vox


Call them what you want. Punk? Rock? Psychobilly? Or just plain wrong. The Koffin Kats don’t even know what to consider themselves but firmly believe in the spirit of Rock n’ Roll and all of its excess and beautiful evil. Having influences ranging from bands such as Alice Cooper, Motley Crue, The Quakes, Tom Waits, and Bad religion. The sound is everything but normal. Detroit, Michigan. June of 2003 marked the arrival of this band. Vic Victor having been in numerous bands but not going anywhere beyond a local bar or the basement was fed up with not being able to be apart of a touring band. Never really being a singer or a front man before he got together with long time friend Tommy T Bags, who would later become Tommy Koffin, and started laying down the material that would become the upright bass throwing, beer slamming, blood gushing, and sonic assault known as The Koffin Kats. They had the songs that resided around thumping upright bass and wild distorted guitar with lyrics of drug use, self loathing, and all things evil. They needed a drummer. In came E Ball Walls, who was a former schoolmate and band member of previous punk projects with Vic. The shows in Detroit went well and fueled the band to keep writing and get into a studio as soon as possible. Unfortunately it was just too soon for E Ball to be in the band and scheduling a priority issues came up between the members and the y were forced to ask him to leave and recruited another friend, DamianDetroit, to bash on the skins. DamianDetroit came in around early October of 2003. By the end of November they had recorded the first album. 8 songs and self titled it’s a departure from what the band would become musically and stylistically but still holds the sound of the Koffin Kats. If you’re wondering what change is? They have only gotten faster, stronger, and smarter with the songs these days. Damian laid it out one practice. To be in California by July of 2004 was the goal. It happened. This caught the attention of Hairball 8 Records out of San Antonio, Texas. A deal was struck up to distribute the S/T release and after a summer long tour KK was back in the studio to record Inhumane. Released on Hairball 8, Inhumane was faster and had more anger behind it. Not to mention it was twice as long as S/T. They set out on tour cross country in February of 2005. Then in July. None of the tours were financially that great for the band. Being lucky to break even was a success. This was hard for DamianDetroit who had a house and other real life things to pay for. So Vic and Tommy had to move on and brought in Katch who was a drummer for Tommy’s’ former punk band called P.R.E.S.S. The goal was to not slow down. The tours were fun. The people they met on the road were awesome. The guys were hooked and in November of 2005 they recorded the quick and pissed off Straying From The Pack release. The record was dark and began to show a departure from the psychobilly sound to a punk edge. More so then Inhumane. They toured through 2006 on it and once again found themselves in need of a new drummer. As explained by Vic and Tommy. Some people are made for the road. Those who can live in a van, eat bad food, not worry about money or the future, can detach themselves from girlfriends and family, and whatever other issues that wait back home will survive longer. Road dogs. The band found this in E Balls’ return to drums. 2007 has been busy with non-stop touring of the states and a Canadian tour. During this time the band has written enough material for the a new record. Drunk In The Daylight is the 17 track 4th coming album.

She's Deadly:

sábado, 20 de junio de 2009

Dead Vampires:
(2008)-The Day After Halloween:
  1. Coffin Rocket
  2. Abra Cadaver
  3. City Of Vampires
  4. Dead End Drive-In
  5. Blind As A Bat
  6. The Day After Halloween
  7. Devil Within
  8. Ghoul U Want
  9. Vampire Girl
  10. Orgy Of The Damned
  11. Dead And Blue
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