domingo, 19 de octubre de 2008

The Forbidden Dimension:(2000)-A Coffinful Of Crows:
  1. Graveyard Line
  2. Little Red Schoolhouse
  3. 13 Bloody Graves
  4. Crawling Eye
  5. Carnival Of Souls
  6. Tonight I Paint In Flesh Colour
  7. Mars Is Heaven
  8. Haunted
  9. Tomorrow, I Will Kill You
  10. Invisible Dimension
  11. Dial 'm' For Monster
  12. Martian Death Saucer
  13. Ghosts Run Wild
  14. Bad Girls Go To Hell
  15. Skeletal
  16. Hand Of Glory
  17. Kick The Candle
  18. A Coffin Named Desire
  19. Pickled Punks
  20. Madam, Your Grave Is Ready
  21. Coffinful Of Crows
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The Forbidden Dimension:(1997)-Widows Walk:
  1. My Family Curse
  2. Satan's Satellite
  3. The Pain Parlor (Instrumental)
  4. Bedroom Despot
  5. House Of 1000 Dolls
  6. The Deathbird Song
  7. Terminal Stare
  8. Tiptoe Thru The Tombstones (Instrumental)
  9. Venus On Wheels
  10. A Cold & Lonely Evil
  11. Butcher, Maker, Undertaker
  12. Irricana Bloodbath (Instrumental)
  13. The Devil's Generation
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The Forbidden Dimension:(1995)-Somebody Down There Likes Me:
  1. Bloodshack
  2. Martian Graverobber
  3. Big Black Hearse
  4. Annabel
  5. High Midnight
  6. Unbidden
  7. My Two Lovin' Hands
  8. Invisible Dimension (Instrumental)
  9. Ghoul Next Door
  10. God's Bloody Acre
  11. Rattletrap
  12. Meat Is Meat
  13. Madam Your Grave Is Ready (Instrumental)
  14. Sinner Take All
  15. A Coffin Named Desire
  16. Crawling Eye 95
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The Forbidden Dimension:(1993)-Sin Gallery:
  1. Vulture Feed
  2. Dream Date
  3. Mars Is Heaven
  4. Haunted
  5. Graveyard Line
  6. Spiderbite
  7. Wild Doll
  8. Love Letter
  9. Two Hearts In Wax
  10. Tall, Dark And Gruesome
  11. Deadly Pickup
  12. Atomic Cannibal
  13. Pardon My Ghoulish Laughter
  14. Shrunken Head
  15. Dig That Cra-A-Azy Grave
  16. White Line Reaper
  17. Corpus Earthling
  18. Bikini Widow
  19. Honeymoon On A Hook
  20. In The Pines
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The Forbidden Dimension:(1992)-Our Martian Heritage-Shivs, Shrouds & Shrunken Heads (Demo-Cassette):
  1. Vulture Feed
  2. Dreamdate
  3. All Black And Hairy
  4. Wild Doll
  5. Cold Hands, Cold Heart
  6. Atomic Cannibal
  7. Martian Death Saucer
  8. Dial M For Monster
  9. Dig That Cra-a-azy Grave!
  10. Shrunken Heads
  11. White Line Reaper
  12. Hand Of Glory
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................From Calgary, Alberta Canadá

Miembros Del Grupo:

Jackson Phibes (Blinddeadghostgalleon Geetar, Organ, Yowling), HP Lovesauce (Electric Bassoon, Eye Rolls, Double Chin), P.T. Bonham (Grapeshot, flintlock, black powder muzzleloader).


Forbidden Dimension started out in 1988, just as Jackson Phibes's (aka Aleister Hexxx) previous combo, Color Me Psycho, was calling it quits. Thematically, it was (and remains) dedicated to illustrating a world where Coffin Joe and Julian Karswell run a Rest Home for the Terminally Bewildered in the Old Dark House on Spider Baby Hill. After 20 years of slogging it out on the Western Canada dive bar/punk club circuit and leaving a small trail of cryptic (yet, as they say in the business, "rockin'") recordings with various line-ups, labels, etc., Phibes blindly figures there still ain't no end in sight. BEVARE!

domingo, 5 de octubre de 2008

Mockingbird Lane:(2003)-Demo:
  1. Taken Under (Single Mix)
  2. Taken Under (Acoustic Mix)
  3. She (Misfits Cover)
  4. I...Vampire
  5. Wolfshead
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...............From Mockingbird Heights, Oklahoma U.S.A.

Miembros Del Grupo:

Christophe: vocals, guitar, bass, synths & Drums.
Blizzard: percussion, bass, programming & backing vocals.


Mockingbird Lane first appeared on the music scene in early 2002. Founder/frontman Christophe enlisted the help of his friends from therogy shortly after the band's demise to play some gigs. The band centers around Christophe, but over the years has featured many musicians from the Oklahoma area.

The band first went into the studio in early 2003 to record the "taken under" cd single. They recorded the song for inclusion in the Stephen King Dollar baby "I Know What You Need". The cd also included bonus tracks including Christophe's electronic side-project, xtoph.

Next the band hit the studio again in mid-2003 to record for a Misfits tribute album, "too much horror business-1977-1983-a tribute to the misfits". While there they went ahead and
recorded some other demo's and released the "2003 demo". This included two of the version's of "Taken Under" from the earlier single release, thier cover of The Misfits "She", and two new songs, "I... Vampire" and "Wolfshead".

In late 2004 BJ, an old friend and writing partner of Christophe's, got out of prison and ja
mmed with the band. A rare live version of the Mockingbird Lane standard "Dead Girl's Don't Say No" was recorded the day after he was released with BJ on lead vocals and guitar, Christophe on bass and Blizzard on drums. This was released in 2005 on the compilation."The harder, the better: volume 8".

Other compilations released in 2005 with Mockingbird Lane songs were"random infliction volume 2", a goth/industrial compilation cd/zine that featured the song "Taken Under", "the horror of it all", a compilation of horror-rock bands from The World Horror
Network that featured an early demo of "Dead Girls Don't Say No", and Blood And Guts Records horrorpunk compilation vol.2: the resurrection another horror-rock compilation that features the songs "I... Vampire" & "Wolfshead".
The New Jacobin Club:(2003)-Retake The Throne:
  1. Chamber Door
  2. Pendulum Swing
  3. Retake The Throne
  4. Angel
  5. Necromantic
  6. Feeder Of Sorrows
  7. City Of Thieves
  8. Darkness Came To Stay
  9. Sex & Warfare
  10. Beltane Fire
  11. The Strangler
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............From Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canadá


In late 1995 three immortal beings, outcast from their divine purposes, formed an unholy artistic union on the material plane. Their manifestation first appeared in the frozen Western Canadian wastelends around the vicinity of a secluded city known as Saskatoon.

This alliance of poets, musicians and warlords would eventually expand it’s membership over the years and come to be known as THE NEW JACOBIN CLUB.

For the first three years, the group plotted and planned. With a still developing theme and sound reminiscent of early 80’s death rock greats (45 Grave, The Damned, Misfits,..), the NJC made sporadic live appearances around Saskatoon and recorded a multitude of demos that now enjoy a certain local notoriety. After several aborted attempts at maintaining a permanent band line-up, the NJC emerged strong and stable in 1998.

Axemeister, lead vocalist and founding fiend XerXes Praetorius Horde with bassist Lord Une and drummer Elvis Hellfire took to stage & studio around Saskatoon and neighbouring Canadian provinces. The release of the NJC’s studio debut (“A Lesson in Mortality”) on American splatter-core label Transparent Records was a small but significant victory. The band everybody loved to hate was now on limited edition red vinyl distributed all over...from the U.S. to continental Europe.

Their popularity with a newfound audience swelled and the NJC began to get mentions in independent music press and appearances on compilations. Most notable was their contribution to the Accused tribute album, a two record set that reportedly was the reason the legendary horror-thrash outfit re-united after nearly 12 years. Fresh off of successful concerts on the road, the trio enlisted extra help in late 2000 and expanded to a group of seven to record their first full-length cd. The resulting 13 track self-titled epic featured trash-rock sing-a-longs, metal chugs, eerie instrumentals, and electro-goth ambience courtesy of keyboard/synth collaborator Continuum Flux. It was a decidedly more decadent approach than the modest and minimalistic reverb-drenched creep-rock of their 1998 recordings.

The release of the self-titled album on their own Manticore Music Group label/promo company in the summer of 2001 caused a necessary re-structuring of personnel. Lord Une broke union with the group before the album even went to press, and it was The Swarm who picked up the bass for the band’s first shows after the cd’s release. Lead guitarist Vlad the Inhaler, a contributor on the newly pressed cd, joined the band full time to fill the second guitar spot at live shows. Vlad quickly became The Horde’s right hand man, providing the band with a new songwriter as well as a second lead vocalist (who can be heard on three tracks of the NJC’s 2003 album “Retake the Throne”). The 2001 line up was completed with a filthy creature called Eclipse on drums. Shortly thereafter, Lady Annabel Arkham stepped in to become the NJC’s first full-time keyboard player. Her organ, piano and string synth arrangements and accompaniments have since become an immediately distinguishable part of the NJC sound.

With an arsenal of newly written songs and a massive new sound, the NJC took to the road once more and left a definite impression on audiences wherever they appeared. Fresh from the excitement of successful live dates, the group again returned to the studio in early 2003 to lay down new tracks. The resulting effort is a grand collaboration of styles and sounds that at long last faithfully represented the live ferocity and attack of the five piece ensemble. The new album was to be named “Retake the Throne” after a powerful anthem of the same name appearing on the disc, and was released in July. Working with American distributors Sinbad Productions to promote the disc to a larger international audience, Canada’s gothic punk warlords are pushing onwards to achieve total conquest. Pity the survivors.