lunes, 31 de agosto de 2009

Church For Sinners:
(2008)-Making Monsters:
  1. Home Sweet Hell
  2. Making Monsters
  3. Autopsy Turvy
  4. Hitchhikers
  5. Dead To Rites
  6. Ghosts Of Autumn
  7. The Bleeding

.............From U.S.A.


In the Summer of 2007, a new sound was forged in the gloom filled slums of Everett, Washington. Church For Sinners was formed by brothers, Andy Wylie and Ben Grimm (formerly of Graveyard Shift), as a means to create their take on a genre that had been lying in the underground since it's inception in the early 80's by punk legends, The Misfits. After collecting some of the best musicians in the NW, including Jay Johnson (formerly of Graveyard Shift and Analog Dreamer), Calem Bergemeier (Collapse Of Eden), and Tyler Murphy (River City Rebels and Noreason), the boys began writing what would become their first ep, Making Monsters. Before ever setting foot on stage, CFS had already recieved offers from several labels, one of which was Robot Monster, Inc. After discussing the merits of each label with fellow musicians in the horror scene, the boys decided to go with robot Monster and have been happily working with them ever since.

"MAKING MONSTERS features a heavily trimmed and stripped pop-punk guitar edge combined with Psychobilly bass backings and melodic old school Goth vocals. The album crawls and undulates as each track bursts forth with fright filled slimy joy. The title track alone, with its ripping guitar riff and anguished vocals hearkens back to the ages of Specimen and The Virgin Prunes, making this
album a must buy in my opinion. Creepy to the core, MAKING MONSTERS will indeed leave your playlist haunted with its echoing refrain." - Fangoria Musick review

Only 3 months after their formation, CFS entered Studio 69 to start tracking "Making Monsters", a 7 track ep that would gain the boys international attention and praise. Featuring so
ngs such as "Autopsy Turvy", "Dead To Rites" and live staple "Home Sweet Hell", the ep was a glimpse at a band in it's formative stage. Quickly, the band booked a cd release show in Hollywood
at the legendary Knitting Factory, alongside horror rock icons such as Order Of The Fly, Zombeast and Calabrese. This show was only the 2nd time the band had ever been on stage, and their energy and ambitious performance won over even the most hesitant onlookers. They tore through the set at breakneck speed, mixing raw energy, humor and even tossing candy and condoms out to the crowd, creating an unforgettable show that would leave their name on the lips of the hollywood horror scene well after their departure.

The band didn't slow down in the slightest in the months following their cd release. T
heir willingness to play anywhere, anytime made them a staple in the Washington music sce
ne. After playing numerous shows with legendary acts such as The Meteros, Kat Killers, Nim Vind, Michale Graves, Gorgeous Frankenstein, Bella Morte, and a spirited performance with the Deep Eynde at Seattle's first annual horror convention, Crypticon '08, the boys took their show on the road. After a short run of shows in Washington and Oregon, centered around a radio performance in Portland, OR, the boys hooked up with labelmates, Gruesome Boys, for the self booked 9 date Ghosts Of Autumn Tour. Hitting cities in Washington, Oregon, California and Nevada, the tour was a daunting, but successful jaunt for a young band still trying to earn their place. During this time, there were several lineup changes. Tyler Murphy left the group to pursue a career in construction and was replaced by Ryan Hausner, a longtime friend and ex-guitarist for the Seattle power pop group, the Greatest Hits. Ryan stuck with the boys through their first two runs, but shortly after the fall tour, he decided to leave the band. In spite of these changes, the boys persisted and continued playin
g nearly every weekend.

A few months after Ryan's departure, CFS hit the road once again on another self booked west coast tour which they called the Summer Broken Tour. Due to circumstances beyond their control, Gruesome Boys were unable to join them on this tour, leaving the boys alon on the road. They blasted through Everett, Portland, Medford, Hollywood, Tacoma and Seattle, leaving adoring fans begging for more at ever stop. The tour, although a monetary loss, proved the dedicati
on and tenacity of this group of rock n roll soldiers.

Shortly after returning home, the boys jumped into Bad Habit Studios to begin w
orking on their debut full length, "Of Prayers And Pestilence". Produced by friend and Gruesome Boys guitarist, Brent Wilkinson, this 16 track epic is a look at a band coming into it's own and breaking free of all expectations. The boys went into the studio with a clear goal in mind: to create an album that would show their depth and ability while simultaneously ensuring that the band would never be pigeon holed, like so many in the horror rock scene. The album spans many genres including country (When Tomorrow Ends), southern rock (Southern Belle), metal (Seaside Suicide) and of course, th
e gothic punk sound that got them started. The record is huge step forward, both musically and lyrically for the band, covering topics such as religion, hero worship, love, death and longing, leaving the listener not only entertained, but informed. Clocking in at just under an hour, "Of Prayers & Pestilence" will be hitting stores later this year on Robot Monster, Inc.

Making Monsters:

sábado, 18 de julio de 2009

The Crimson Ghosts:(2009)-Sharing Prey (Split):
  1. The Body Bag
  2. October Slowly Dying (DieMonsterDie Cover)
  3. She Looks Like You
  4. Death From Above (The Crimson Ghosts Cover)
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lunes, 29 de junio de 2009

Koffin Kats:
(2008)-Drunk In The Daylight:
  1. Storm Ahead
  2. If I Return
  3. Loud And Hard
  4. For Blood
  5. Drunk In The Daylight
  6. A Vampire's 2084
  7. Battery Acid Baby
  8. Laws Of Sanity
  9. Above Me, Beyond You
  10. At The Bar
  11. Bad Apple
  12. The Experiment
  13. Blue Eyed Drug
  14. Theme For A Sinner
  15. Chaos
  16. Well Oiled Machines
  17. Our Faded Funeral
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Koffin Kats:(2006)-Straying From The Pack:
  1. March Of The Waynos
  2. Splatterhouse
  3. Setting Her Free
  4. Mechanical Youth
  5. Graveyard Tree III
  6. Crack Rock
  7. Buzzkill Bitch
  8. For Hire
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Koffin Kats:(2005)-Inhumane:
  1. Mors Ex Infernus
  2. Hatred
  3. Darker Place
  4. Caught Up
  5. Chainsaw Massacre
  6. Vampires Curse
  7. Demon Demon
  8. She's Deadly
  9. Meltdown
  10. Die Cat Die
  11. Graveyard Tree I
  12. Hitlist
  13. Perfect Suicide
  14. Purgatory
  15. 2084
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Koffin Kats:(2003)-Koffin Kats:
  1. Mors Ex Supera
  2. Graveyard Tree
  3. Red Alert
  4. V8 Nightmare
  5. Koffin Kat Rock
  6. Sleep
  7. One Revived
  8. Needles & Blades
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...From Detroit U.S.A...


Vic Victor - Electrified Double Bass/Vox
Tommy Koffin - Strings/Vox
E-Ball Walls- Drums/Vox


Call them what you want. Punk? Rock? Psychobilly? Or just plain wrong. The Koffin Kats don’t even know what to consider themselves but firmly believe in the spirit of Rock n’ Roll and all of its excess and beautiful evil. Having influences ranging from bands such as Alice Cooper, Motley Crue, The Quakes, Tom Waits, and Bad religion. The sound is everything but normal. Detroit, Michigan. June of 2003 marked the arrival of this band. Vic Victor having been in numerous bands but not going anywhere beyond a local bar or the basement was fed up with not being able to be apart of a touring band. Never really being a singer or a front man before he got together with long time friend Tommy T Bags, who would later become Tommy Koffin, and started laying down the material that would become the upright bass throwing, beer slamming, blood gushing, and sonic assault known as The Koffin Kats. They had the songs that resided around thumping upright bass and wild distorted guitar with lyrics of drug use, self loathing, and all things evil. They needed a drummer. In came E Ball Walls, who was a former schoolmate and band member of previous punk projects with Vic. The shows in Detroit went well and fueled the band to keep writing and get into a studio as soon as possible. Unfortunately it was just too soon for E Ball to be in the band and scheduling a priority issues came up between the members and the y were forced to ask him to leave and recruited another friend, DamianDetroit, to bash on the skins. DamianDetroit came in around early October of 2003. By the end of November they had recorded the first album. 8 songs and self titled it’s a departure from what the band would become musically and stylistically but still holds the sound of the Koffin Kats. If you’re wondering what change is? They have only gotten faster, stronger, and smarter with the songs these days. Damian laid it out one practice. To be in California by July of 2004 was the goal. It happened. This caught the attention of Hairball 8 Records out of San Antonio, Texas. A deal was struck up to distribute the S/T release and after a summer long tour KK was back in the studio to record Inhumane. Released on Hairball 8, Inhumane was faster and had more anger behind it. Not to mention it was twice as long as S/T. They set out on tour cross country in February of 2005. Then in July. None of the tours were financially that great for the band. Being lucky to break even was a success. This was hard for DamianDetroit who had a house and other real life things to pay for. So Vic and Tommy had to move on and brought in Katch who was a drummer for Tommy’s’ former punk band called P.R.E.S.S. The goal was to not slow down. The tours were fun. The people they met on the road were awesome. The guys were hooked and in November of 2005 they recorded the quick and pissed off Straying From The Pack release. The record was dark and began to show a departure from the psychobilly sound to a punk edge. More so then Inhumane. They toured through 2006 on it and once again found themselves in need of a new drummer. As explained by Vic and Tommy. Some people are made for the road. Those who can live in a van, eat bad food, not worry about money or the future, can detach themselves from girlfriends and family, and whatever other issues that wait back home will survive longer. Road dogs. The band found this in E Balls’ return to drums. 2007 has been busy with non-stop touring of the states and a Canadian tour. During this time the band has written enough material for the a new record. Drunk In The Daylight is the 17 track 4th coming album.

She's Deadly:

sábado, 20 de junio de 2009

Dead Vampires:
(2008)-The Day After Halloween:
  1. Coffin Rocket
  2. Abra Cadaver
  3. City Of Vampires
  4. Dead End Drive-In
  5. Blind As A Bat
  6. The Day After Halloween
  7. Devil Within
  8. Ghoul U Want
  9. Vampire Girl
  10. Orgy Of The Damned
  11. Dead And Blue
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lunes, 20 de abril de 2009

...Nuevamente el horror se toma valdivia!!!...

En su sexta temporada el Festival de Cine Terror de Valdivia debutó en la web con su propio portal. Informaciones, comentarios, trailers y descargas, concursos e incluso una sección hacia su propia comunidad en facebook forman parte de la presencia virtual de este año.

El Cine Terror abrirá sus puertas al público entre el 20 y el 25 de abril en el Teatro Lord Cochrane, con funciones a las 18 y 21 horas. En total se exhibirán 12 películas.

A una semana de debutar en facebook, ya contaba con 2 mil 727 participantes en las tres comunidades creadas, con 1 mil 212 fanáticos, 633 amigos de la actividad y unas 880 confirmaciones de asistencia al evento.

Una de las novedades que acompañan el lanzamiento de la web, es la programación oficial de la temporada, que incluye cintas como “Rec”, “Martyrs”, “The deaths of Ian Stone” y “Let the Right One In”, entre otras.

Para mas detalles de las peliculas visitar la fuente de donde fue extraido este material:

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Long Halloween:(2007)?-Dead End Blues (EP):
  1. Dead End Blues
  2. Zombie Girls
  3. Brains
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.................From California U.S.A.

Miembros Del Grupo:

Digger - Vox/Guitar
Joe - Lead Guitar
Brennan - Bass
Nick - Drums


Long Halloween is a Horror Punk band from Southern California.

Why this name?
It's from Batman

Do you play live?
Yeah we do at least 1 a month. It's kinda hard to play alot when everyone in the band works

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet has made it alot easier for bands that are just starting up get heard.
It's a great way to promote Bands and Artists that would normally go unnoticed.

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?

Band History:
Kinda happened by accident

Your influences?
The influences that are heard through the music are AFI,Balzac,The Misfits,Ramones and Screeching weasel

Favorite spot?
The Showcase in Corona

miércoles, 7 de enero de 2009

Crimson Spectre:(2005)-Crimson Spectre-Uwharria (Split):
  1. Vampire Liberation Front
  2. The Ballad Of George Jackson
  3. The Inherent Contradictions Of Imperialism
  4. Letter To My Family
  5. Union Made Guillotine
  6. Two Stick Stabber
  7. Death Is Afraid Of Leningrad
  8. They're Moving Father's Grave To Build A Sewer
  9. Winter Bear
  10. Wild Turkey
  11. Devils Gut
  12. Bottom Of The Sea
  13. Skunks
  14. Kudzu
  15. Tick Attack
  16. Riparian Trilogy
  17. Waterfowl At Mattamuskeet
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Crimson Spectre:(2004)-Crimson Spectre:
  1. Strength Of Ten Men
  2. Ode To Jesus Colon
  3. Red Standard
  4. Bourgeois Decadence Of Depression
  5. Ghoul Punks
  6. Family Tree Of Regret
  7. Masque Of The Red Death
  8. Bullet (With Your Name)
  9. Bread And Roses Revisited
  10. White Trash Manifesto
  11. Ghosts Of Long Kesh
  12. Untimely Death Of Mister Iskra
  13. Crimson Spectre
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...........................From North Carolina U.S.A.

Miembros Del Grupo:

Crimson Chris, Toxic Scott, Rash, Dave Spectre and Pistopher.


While readily acknowledging our debt to such bands as the Misfits, Samhain, and the Accused, we in Crimson Spectre also align ourselves with a dissident aesthetic most visible, in this country, in the horror films of the past thirty years, where - to quote Lenin - the "Aesopian language" of zombies, cannibalism, chainsaw massacres, monster babies, demonic possession, and hockey-masked serial killers has provided allegorical embodiment for social critiques and political analyses otherwise considered too volatile for the pop-culture arena.


“Horror is everywhere around us: horrors of war, horrors of occupation, horrors of poverty, horrors of social injustice. A ghoul-punk aesthetic is one strategy among many a band might employ to draw attention to this collective political nightmare and to articulate it in a highly-stylized and accessible form. It might also be the most fun. While readily acknowledging debt to such bands as the Misfits, Samhain, and the Accused, Crimson Spectre also align themselves with a dissident aesthetic most visible, in this country, in the horror films of the past thirty years, where - to quote Lenin - the "Aesopian language" of zombies, cannibalism, chainsaw massacres, monster babies, demonic possession, and hockey-masked serial killers has provided allegorical embodiment for social critiques and political analyses otherwise considered too volatile for the pop-culture arena. Because the ruling class chooses to dress up stark imperialism in a rhetoric of righteousness, self-defense, and pseudo-Christianity, labeling anyone who opposes its amoral profiteering an "evil-doer" or worse, Crimson Spectre eagerly adopts the iconography of Evil and is proud to point out that its members form, at all times, the five points of a human pentagram.” Yes, please bring on the evil.

Crimson Spectre Live: