domingo, 27 de julio de 2008

.........Desde El Salvador!!!


Por casualidad me encontré con este disco excelente, lástima que no pude encontrar informacion de la banda, ya que vale la pena conocer. Este es su primer disco que lleva por nombre: "PRIMA NOCTE", significa Primera Noche en latin. Este disco consta de 13 temas, los cuales no presentan muy buen sonido, ya que fueron grabadas de manera casera en una computadora y un par de microfonos. Disfrutenlo no mas!!!

(2001)-Prima Nocte:
  1. Necrogenesis
  2. Octubre Rojo
  3. Mascara De Muerte
  4. Sucia Sangre
  5. Dios De La Maquina
  6. Saducismo
  7. Venus Domina
  8. Humana
  9. Esclavos
  10. Lillith
  11. Hijo De La Luna
  12. Tetragrammaton
  13. Prima Nocte

The Scared Stiffs:

(2008)-The Last Horror Movie:

  1. The Last Horror Movie
  2. She's Got A Frankenstein
  3. Have You Ever Seen (The Walking Dead)
  4. There's No Wonder I'm 6 Feet Under
  5. Dirt Nappin'
  6. Medicated
  7. Some Things Are Better Left Undead
  8. Nosferatu
  9. Knoxville Girl
  10. Dead Girls Are Easy
  11. Let's Put The F-U-N In Funeral
  12. Seventh Son
  13. Body Shoppin'

........From New York U.S.A.

Miembros del grupo:

Scott, Chris, Matte & Jeffro.

The Scared Stiffs are drop dead punk & roll from New York City! Fresh out of a boneyard, the Stiffs have been crypt-kickin' ass everywhere they've played, leaving trails of sweat-drenched grinning victims in their wake. Pulling from the New York Dolls to Johnny Cash, The Scared Stiffs lash out with their own brand of flaming garage punk. Belting out future classics about ghouls, girls, creatures and cars. Throw in B-movies, booze, devil dolls, guitars and you'll get the picture.
After two successful EP’s, the band has just finished their debut album called 'Autopsy Turvy'. Recorded at Millbrook Sound Studios in Millbrook, NY, this fifteen-track disc will leave Stiff Fans wanting more. But wait! There is more! The new Cd is enhanced to include the band's awesome new video of their classic song, 'ZOMBIFIED'. State of the art animation with some rare live footage thrown in makes this video a collector’s item.
The Scared Stiffs are one of the busiest bands on the scene. Their gig schedule is always posted on their web site and all e-mail will be personally attended to. So if you got a taste for ghouls, gore and guitars… The Scared Stiffs want you on the menu!

Misshapen Monsters:

(2007)-Attack Of The Bionic Being:

  1. Death Is Coming For You
  2. Creature
  3. Return Of The Living Dead
  4. Varulv
  5. Beautiful Mistress

..........From Florida U.S.A.

Miembros del Grupo:

Andy Unknown (Bass), Carlos De Cannibal (Guitar), Freddy Travis (Drums).

blitzkid, Mister monster, Zombina & the Skeletones.


Misshapen Monsters have walked this earth for as long as the moon and the stars have shone in the night sky. Three of these vile creatures have come together to terrify you with the piercing sounds of all that is evil, all that is morbid, and all that is so very real but almost unbearable to imagine. Prepair yourselves for the horrors that lie ahead.

domingo, 13 de julio de 2008

The Best Beast:


  1. Monster Attack
  2. Ghostcity
  3. Darkness

..............From Rusia!!!

Miembro Del Grupo:

The Horror Head - vocals, Alex Voorhees - guitar, back-vocals, Nick The Reaper - bass, Paul Beast - drums


The Misfits, The Undead, Michael Graves, Glenn Danzig, Balzac, Blitzkid, The Crimson Ghosts, Calabrese, Black Flag, Guttermouth, Buzzcocks, The Damned, Velvet Underground, New York Dolls, Ramones...


The Best Beast has been formed in St.Petersburg, Russia in 2007. The band has appeared after one event. Zombies have bitten us and since that day we have become zombies, which need brains all the time and play frightening songs;music and lyrics of the band are inspired by horror movies, terrifying stories and everything that make people scared.

The Creeping Cruds

(2004)-The Incredibly Strange People Who Stopped Living And Became:

  1. Intro
  2. All Hail The Horror Host
  3. Blood On The Banisters
  4. I Sold My Brain
  5. I Eat The Living
  6. Driving Miss Zombie
  7. The Ghosts Of West Memphis
  8. Stomp Tokyo
  9. Blood Moon
  10. I, Vampire

..........From Tennessee U.S.A.

Miembros del grupo:
WOLFIE: Vocals,JIMMY JAMES: Big fucking hollowbody bass guitar,JEANO Rock Your Ass ROID : The Angus Young of Horror Rock,ZIGGY A. McNASTY: The Malcolm Young of Horror RockOL' ,DIRTY BOOMER: Drums.


The Cruds are five creepy bastards who are working on a very evil experiment in a cold, creepy laboratory on the seedy side of Nashville, TN. Now that our creepy plan has hatched, teenage Rawk zombies will turn against their parents. Good kids will go bad, bad kids will go even badder. Our faithful following will pen their allegience and sign it in their mammy's blood and send it to us with their daddy's wallet. In return, The Creeping Cruds will provide the mightiest Rock 'n Roll ever known to man. Three nasty chords and a cloud of dust that most certainly will topple the tallest buildings.
New CREEPING CRUDS record coming 2008! :
Since people keep asking I'll confirm the rumors.. YES, The Creeping Cruds have record 2 in the works.. Much of the music has been recorded but as was the case with Incredibly Strange People we're taking our time to get things as Cruddy as possible. I can tell you that stuff is sounding real nice - harder rockin' and bigger sounding than last time... Stay tuned and expect your asses to get rocked by early 08!

domingo, 6 de julio de 2008


(2005)-Horror Thir13teen:

  1. They Came Marching Out Of Hell
  2. Living Dead Doll
  3. Resident Evil
  4. Horror Night
  5. Your Little Princess...
  6. Monster
  7. Caroline
  8. Playing Chess With The Grim Reape
  9. You're Not Alone
  10. Born A Bastard
  11. Kill Her Tongiht
  12. The Curse
  13. The Cannibal Song (We Eat People)

........FROM SUECIA!!!......

Miembros Del Grupo:

Patrick (Vocals & Guitar), Micke (Guitar), Seppo (Drums & Vocals), Daniel (Bass), Marcus (Keys & Vocals).


In July 2003 we decided to keep the music simple to go back to the basics of punk/rock n roll, but still use Marcus on the synthesizers in that kind of music. And Patrick not just stuck to the vocals this time being a guitarist and all so he helped out his older brother Mickey with the distortion part. And also new vocal cord by Seppo who started to sing backup behind the drums. With the new sound a whole different band was formed, so we decided to change our name, we had already changed everything else so why keep the old one? As for the lyrics Patrick is influenced by old horror/zombie movies about the living dead, psycho killers and death etc. Some of us also being huge fans of the Resident evil videogames, which we got our name T-virus from (the virus that turns people into zombies).

The Spook

(2007)-Let There Be Dark:

  1. Angels Of A Fallen Kind (Intro)
  2. Dark World Debutante
  3. Summernite Stalker
  4. Waiting For The Kill
  5. Slide In
  6. Crowgirl
  7. Dying Fire's Grace
  8. What Lies In Shadows (Intermission)
  9. The Warning
  10. Wax
  11. Cold Heart
  12. Woe Of Your Heart
  13. Reanimated
  14. Jane Doe

The Spook

(2006)-Boneman (Single):

  1. Boneman
  2. Of Gods And Monsters

The Spook:

(2005)-A Night Without An End Live DV:

  1. Intro-The Giant Spider Strik
  2. Ready To Radiate
  3. You, Me And The Laboratory
  4. Voodoo Mummy
  5. A Night Without An End
  6. Midnight Run
  7. Fright Night
  8. Ghastly Romance
  9. The Undead Called
  10. Mantula
  11. My Beauty Died
  12. Some Like It Dead
  13. Deep Lagoon
  14. The Untold Story Of Gravelands

The Spook:

(2002)-Some Like It Dead:

  1. Ready To Radiate
  2. Midnight Run
  3. You, Me And The Laboratory
  4. Almost Alive
  5. A Ghastly Romance
  6. Some Like It Dead
  7. Voodoo Mummy
  8. My Beauty Died
  9. Night Without An End
  10. The Untold Story Of Gravelands, Karlofforni

The Spook:
(2001)-Fright Night:
  1. The Giant Spider Strikes
  2. Mantula
  3. Fright Night
  4. The Undead Call
  5. Deep Lagoon

........From Gravelands, Karloffornia, Alemania

Band Members :
Dean Roca (Vocals), Ross Feratu (Guitar & Backing Vocals), Karl Off (Guitar), Lester Vail (Bass), Vic Chains (Drums), Sim Reaper (Keyboards & Backing Vocals)
It is not worth mentioning that THE SPOOK belong to the pioneers of Germany's Graverock and Horror-Punk scene.
Both their albums „Fright Night“ (2001) and „Some Like It Dead“ (2002) released on People Like You Records/SPV have sold out quickly and have influenced various bands, so who will wonder that even CRADLE OF FILTH, THE ALKALINE TRIO and Mr. ROB ZOMBIE himself go for the Graverockers THE SPOOK.
With their two contributions „V/A – This Is Horrorpunk Vol.1“ (Fiendforce Rec./2003) and „V/A – Where The Bad Boys Rock Vol.2“ (People Like You Rec./2003) THE SPOOK have once more secured their outstanding position as a GRAVEROCK-Band and show, where the future lies: melodic and atmospherical Graverock with Punk and Metal elements.
Power-gained with/through two new members Dean Roca (vocals) and Vic Chains (drums) THE SPOOK are stranger, stronger, more energetic and more in-your-face than ever before. The musical developement is proofed by their 2004 Split 7” release „Everyday Is Halloween“ (Fiendforce Rec.) with US-Horrorpunkers BLITZKID and by their recent release „Boneman“ 7” (Squoodge Records/2006).
In 2007 LET THERE BE DARK - CD/LP; The brand new killer album with 13 songs dead men would come back to life again! Produced by Mille Petrozza (KREATOR) and Ross Feratu. Mixed and mastered by Andy Sneap in UK. Featuring special guests e.g. Dave Pybus (CRADLE OF FILTH), Goolsby and TB (BLITZKID) and Yvy Pop (THE POPZILLAS).
Right after coming back from a haunted and bizarre HELL NIGHTS tour the band is more productive then ever. New songwriting has already started for upcoming releases. THE SPOOK will also be part of the second Johnny Cash compilation „PAID IN BLACK“ Vol.2, which will be released through Wolverine Records this summer. The band is going to bring up a spooky and even more melancholy version of „Solitary Man“. Stay tuned for more info about this project.