domingo, 6 de julio de 2008

........FROM SUECIA!!!......

Miembros Del Grupo:

Patrick (Vocals & Guitar), Micke (Guitar), Seppo (Drums & Vocals), Daniel (Bass), Marcus (Keys & Vocals).


In July 2003 we decided to keep the music simple to go back to the basics of punk/rock n roll, but still use Marcus on the synthesizers in that kind of music. And Patrick not just stuck to the vocals this time being a guitarist and all so he helped out his older brother Mickey with the distortion part. And also new vocal cord by Seppo who started to sing backup behind the drums. With the new sound a whole different band was formed, so we decided to change our name, we had already changed everything else so why keep the old one? As for the lyrics Patrick is influenced by old horror/zombie movies about the living dead, psycho killers and death etc. Some of us also being huge fans of the Resident evil videogames, which we got our name T-virus from (the virus that turns people into zombies).

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