domingo, 6 de julio de 2008

........From Gravelands, Karloffornia, Alemania

Band Members :
Dean Roca (Vocals), Ross Feratu (Guitar & Backing Vocals), Karl Off (Guitar), Lester Vail (Bass), Vic Chains (Drums), Sim Reaper (Keyboards & Backing Vocals)
It is not worth mentioning that THE SPOOK belong to the pioneers of Germany's Graverock and Horror-Punk scene.
Both their albums „Fright Night“ (2001) and „Some Like It Dead“ (2002) released on People Like You Records/SPV have sold out quickly and have influenced various bands, so who will wonder that even CRADLE OF FILTH, THE ALKALINE TRIO and Mr. ROB ZOMBIE himself go for the Graverockers THE SPOOK.
With their two contributions „V/A – This Is Horrorpunk Vol.1“ (Fiendforce Rec./2003) and „V/A – Where The Bad Boys Rock Vol.2“ (People Like You Rec./2003) THE SPOOK have once more secured their outstanding position as a GRAVEROCK-Band and show, where the future lies: melodic and atmospherical Graverock with Punk and Metal elements.
Power-gained with/through two new members Dean Roca (vocals) and Vic Chains (drums) THE SPOOK are stranger, stronger, more energetic and more in-your-face than ever before. The musical developement is proofed by their 2004 Split 7” release „Everyday Is Halloween“ (Fiendforce Rec.) with US-Horrorpunkers BLITZKID and by their recent release „Boneman“ 7” (Squoodge Records/2006).
In 2007 LET THERE BE DARK - CD/LP; The brand new killer album with 13 songs dead men would come back to life again! Produced by Mille Petrozza (KREATOR) and Ross Feratu. Mixed and mastered by Andy Sneap in UK. Featuring special guests e.g. Dave Pybus (CRADLE OF FILTH), Goolsby and TB (BLITZKID) and Yvy Pop (THE POPZILLAS).
Right after coming back from a haunted and bizarre HELL NIGHTS tour the band is more productive then ever. New songwriting has already started for upcoming releases. THE SPOOK will also be part of the second Johnny Cash compilation „PAID IN BLACK“ Vol.2, which will be released through Wolverine Records this summer. The band is going to bring up a spooky and even more melancholy version of „Solitary Man“. Stay tuned for more info about this project.

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