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Under A Nightmare:(2008)-Cemetery Getaway:
  1. Undying
  2. Trapped In This Skull
  3. In The Shadows
  4. Buried With The Night
  5. Dead Man's Cliff
  6. Morning Comes
  7. Asylum Girl
  8. Ghost Whispers
  9. Spider In The Poolhouse
  10. Blood Rose
  11. Box Of Brains
  12. Murder In The Backseat
  13. Sunrise Has Gone
  14. 1509
  15. Last Lullabye
  16. The Crowd Below
  17. Frankenwhom
  18. Cemetery Getaway
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...................From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania U.S.A.

Miembros Del Grupo:

Coffin Keenan - Guitar, Vocals
Marky Madness - Guitar, Vocals
Jordy Coroner - Bass, Backups
Dave Wild - Drums, Backups


Under A Nightmare began in the fall of 2002 in Pittsburgh, PA with guitarist/singer Coffin Keenan, Bassist Jordy Coroner, and The Cubscout on Drums. Marky Madness joined UAN in late 2003 as a guitarist/singer. After rehersing for months a demo titled as "I Thought She Was Dead" was recorded for fun in Jamestown, NY. The recording was sloppy and mostly made up in the studio on the spot but led to the band later being more serious and persuing a full length debut release "Valley Of The Scarecrow", recorded in Pittsburgh, PA and to be released on NJ's Crypt of Blood Records. The album never got a real release and since then every album has been put out by the band themselves DIY. By 2004 gigs started coming frequent in Pennylvania and shows started branching out to neighboring east coast states. Friendships with bands such as Late Night Zero, Blitzkid, Children of October and many more started forging and have lasted. The band returned to Jamestown, NY in April 2005 to record around ten songs for what would be "Return Of The Rot" a short album or long EP of sorts. Most of the rest of 2005 was spent touring the east coast. Throughout 2006 Under A Nightmare played many large shows with bands like The Misfits, Serpenteens, Independents, Boney Fiend, Rosedales, Dr. Chud's X-Ward. The band were also featured on Solomon Mortomur's "It Came From Trafalgar" horror movie soundtrack with the song Midnight Stroll. By September 2006 a new ablum titled "Monsters 89" was recorded in Ambridge, PA featuring 23 songs and most of the bands most popular songs to date. The Rest of 2006 and most of 2007 held very heavy touring of the east coast spot to spot as possible. Currently in 2008, Under A Nightmare are planning a tour of the entire U.S., Dave Wild has joined as drummer, as well as releasing a new album "Cemetery Getaway". Future plans are to get out to as many places in as many states and countries as possible!

Bad Whoremoans:(2008)-Bad Whoremoans:
  1. Zombie Holocaust
  2. Surf Nazis Must Die
  3. Haddonfield Horror
  4. 21
  5. My Dead Girlfriend
  6. Killer Car
  7. Lily
  8. It's Alive
  9. Camp Crystal Lake
  10. Graveyard Girlfriend
  11. Class Of Nukem High
  12. She's Weird
  13. Vampire Pin Up Girl
  14. Science Fiction Double Feature
  15. My Dead Girlfriend (Live, Acoustic)
  16. She's Weird (Live, Acoustic)
  17. Graveyard Girlfriend (Live, Acoustic)
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....................From New Jersey U.S.A.

Miembros Del Grupo:

Paul of the Living Dead - Vocals/Guitar - Paul provides the screams, the vocals, and the chaos.

Grave Rob III - Guitar/Keyboards/Backing Vocals - Rob is here to lay down the lead guitar.

J.T. Scuggs - Bass/Backing Vocals - He plays bass, he yells, and he wears awesome t-shirts.

'Serial' Bill Gotta - Drums/Backing Vocals - Bill is the human metronome, beating the fuck out of the drums like a young Steve Zing.

Ginny Tonic - Brought on board for a string of Halloween shows playing keyboard and rhythm guitar. She's the only Bad Whoremoan with no Y chromosome!


The Bad Whoremoans have risen from the ashes of NJ horror punk outfit the Pumpkin Patch. After playing successfully for a year, the Pumpkin Patch are disbanded until further notice.

Currently the Bad Whoremoans approximately 51% done with their debut album featuring re-recorded songs from the Pumpkin Patch and newer material.


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Dead Vampires:(2006)-We Are The Dead Vampires:
  1. Ghosts N' Goblins
  2. Spook A Boo Circus
  3. Zombie Party
  4. Bite It
  5. Being Dead Never Felt So Good
  6. Bloody
  7. Disco Zombie
  8. You Missed Sucka
  9. My Bride Died
  10. Blood Poisoning
  11. Dracula High School
  12. Come Out And Play
  13. Closed Casket
  14. March To Your Death
  15. Grave Danger
  16. Monster Radio
  17. Halloween Town
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.....................From Seattle U.S.A.

Miembros Del Grupo:

BATT - Moog Synthesizer and Theremin
DOC - Throat

In the Spring of 2004 the Dead Vampires full line up busted out of their crypt and unleashed their unique sound on the unsuspecting Seattle Nightlife, armed with one mission...to transform everyone into lifeless, blood crazed, vampire groupies........................ With a unique musical style that could be described as The Misfits getting in a fistfight with Devo, they have indeed developed a strong following, and their live shows have become legendary spectacles not to be missed...................... Kind of like a horror circus on LSD, their first full length album "We Are The Dead Vampires" has already gotten strong accolades from a few horror publications, including Rue Morgue magazine which claimed "Dead Vampires have all the skills to match their chills and this kooky collection of feel good shock n roll will leave bats in your booze, goblins in your gitch and a song inside your severed head"................... With the coming of Halloween 2008, Dead Vampires will return to the horror rock arena with a brand new record titled "The Day After Halloween" , plus an all-new live rhythm section and stage mayhem the likes of which Seattle has never seen before.

The Everdead:
(2003)-Slumber Party Massacre II:
  1. Eerie Bones Of The Macabre
  2. Human Prey
  3. The Evil Dead
  4. Bad Billy
  5. Cut You Up
  6. Die Die My Darling
  7. Raining Blood Tonight
  8. Ballad Of A Teenage Zombie
  9. Switchblade Life
  10. Whore Chat
  11. Slumber Party Massacre
  12. The Monks Of Giznad
  13. Succubus
  14. The Ageless Stranger
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....................From Michigan U.S.A

The EverDead, simply put, is a Rock 'n Roll band inspired by the macabre (the horrific, the dark, and the evil) elements of both fiction and reality.

The EverDead is:

Adam Dravean - Vocals
Robert Baron - Bass
Sam Bones - Guitars
Michael Mortis - Keyboards
Bludlux - Drums

Formed in the spring of 2000, The EverDead emerged upon the streets of Grand Rapids, Michigan with the desire to make good music in a local scene dominated by cookie cutter "Nu-Metal", "Pop Punk", and "Christian Hardcore" bands. Adhering to the musical ethic, "if it can be considered Rock 'n Roll, we'll play it", The EverDead forged a sound that drew influence from the far reaches of the Rock 'n Roll genre (Metal, Punk, Goth, Rockabilly, Industrial, etc.).

However, due to constant lineup changes (Only Dravean and The Baron have remained since the beginning), their refusal to conform to the local scene, and the fact that they were considered too vulgar and/or evil to play at many local venues, The EverDead were forced to play sporadically. Despite these setbacks, they still managed to forge a name for themselves by putting on energetic and often outlandish performances while simultaneously gaining fans worldwide through the magic of the Internet.

On Halloween 2002, The EverDead released their debut CD, the "Slumber Party Massacre E.P.", which consisted of some of the bands more poppy sounding horror punk songs. The CD was very well received and sold out quickly, so the band followed it up with a "special edition" version of the EP that contained a better mix as well as a handful of bonus tracks and cover songs. This re-release of the CD, ingeniously titled "Slumber Party Massacre II", was released on August 9th 2003 at the @ntiFEST Horror Rock Festival.
Now, after nearly two years of silence, The EverDead are working on their final album: the long overdue "Zombies, Werewolves, & Demons", which will feature roughly twenty newly recorded tracks.

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Creepshow 1977:(2008)-Tales Fom The Casket:
  1. Hooray For The Atom Age
  2. Bring Out Your Dead
  3. Fiend Without A Face-Mort D'Amore
  4. Graverobbin Motherfucker
  5. Dead And Breakfast
  6. Party With The Dead
  7. Brains!!
  8. Jeckyll And Hyde
  9. Sciencie Fiction-Double Feature
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Creepshow 1977:(2006)-Night Of The Creep:
  1. Dead By Dawn With Long Intro Final
  2. Bordello Of Blood
  3. Don't Look In The Basement
  4. Resurrected
  5. She's Haunting Me
  6. Phantasm
  7. War Of The Worlds
  8. Krissys Song
  9. Night Of The Wolf
  10. Digging Up My Date
  11. Cabin Fever
  12. In The Graveyard
  13. Kill Her Tonight
  14. Rest In Peace
  15. Devils Nite
  16. Mr. Machine-8 mm
  17. End Credits
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.....................From Bellevue, U.S.A.

Miembros Del Grupo:

The Creeper (Vocals, Bass) , Charles Lee Ray(Guitar, Vocals), Rev. Jimmy Grimm (Guitar, Vocals) , Mr. Machine(Drums) ,Katrina Van Tassel(Dancer, Vocals).


Creepshow 1977 began in the fall of 2003 when The Creeper entered the studio to write and record an 11 song demo, after the demise of his former band, Booty Tank. After the demo was recorded, he began to search for a line-up. Jacob Caskets was the first to join, along with bassist Dan "Bruiser" Reilly. The drummer's slot was filled a mere three weeks before their first show by Mr. Machine. They gigged consistantly over the next year, gaining a small cult following around their respective hometowns. Halloween of 2004 marked the exit of Bruiser on bass, and the addition of Charles Lee Ray on rythym guitar. The band finished out the year with The Creeper taking on bass duties, as well as the frontman slot. February of 2005 marked the addition of Lurch "The Taker" Addams on bass. By this time, the band had played some impressive shows, opening for such noted acts as the Misfits, The Addicts, Wednesday 13 and former Misfits frontman Michale Graves. Since then, the band has become a regular local opener for Wednesday 13, as well as Michale Graves. The band entered Strangelove Studios in Cleveland, OH to record their eagerly awaited debut album NIGHT OF THE CREEP. The album will be released Oct. 21st 2006 at the 4th annual Bloodbash, where they will once again share the stage with Michale Graves. Now, with the departure of Charles Lee Ray, the four-piece Horrorpunk band promises to take NO prisoners, and deliver the most terrifying, outlandish stage show that northern OH, not to mention the WORLD has ever seen. Now signed to 2-4-5 Records, they are ready to crawl form their graves, into your living rooms... Beware the horror of Creepshow 1977!!...

Krissys Song:

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Penis Flytrap:(2002)-Dismemberment:
  1. The Dead Hate The Living
  2. Fucked By The Devil
  3. Tears Of Blood
  4. Cemetary Girl
  5. Belladonna
  6. Scream My Darling
  7. Burn Witch Burn
  8. Caves Of Cassandra
  9. Dark One
  10. Girl In The Basement
  11. Say You Love Satan
  12. Now
  13. The Living Hate The Dead
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Penis Flytrap:(1998)-Tales Of Terror:
  1. Cemetery Girl
  2. Tears Of Blood
  3. I Wait
  4. Village Of The Damned
  5. Now
  6. Dracula's Daughter
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............From U.S.A.


PENIS FLYTRAP is Heavy and Dark Music of Horror, a Modern Day ( of the Dead ) Grand Guignol De' Electrical Metal/Gothic/Punk/Lycanthropic Landscape Music for Monsters..If you seek to know the Darkest Side of Horror envisioned through the Necomantikal Notes of Musical Morbidity fleshed out by 4 Immortal Ghouls, then PENIS FLYTRAP Welcomes you to the Undead Hell that is our Deadworld! Formed in 1994 by Guitarist/Vocalist Elvorian Von Spivey ( who borrowed Drummer Hal Satan from her previous Goth Ensemble "Mi Diablo " ) , PENIS FLYTRAP started as a 3 chord "simplistic punk type band"..but Horror of Horrors! Elvorian and Lucifer Fulci ( Author of SICK-O Novel "Siki City", Creator of the Horror Convention "Splatterpalooza", Ultra Violent Magazine Columnist, Horror Filmaker and member of the Black Metal Band, WORMFOOD ) were such huge Horror Heads that they could not help but want to form this little punk into a Pumpkin Headed Beast! After a year of playing around Unholywood, Cannibalfornia, an offer came about to back up ex 45 GRAVE singer Dinah Cancer on her most popular hit, "Partytime" from the Horror film RETURN of the LIVING DEAD, at an animal benefit show. The Gore the Merrier, and PFT became a Fearsome Foursome. As The Dark Days of Gore passed and splattered upon the walls of woe, PENIS FLYTRAP contributed music to such films as THE DEAD HATE THE LIVING, HOUSE of the DEAD, TEENAGE SPACE VAMPIRES and a few unmentionables! PFT also has graced the stages of the excellent FANGORIA Weekend of Horrors shows and played alongside of fellow gorehounds THE MISFITS, GWAR, Vio-lence and Balzac. The CD's TALES of TERROR, MUSIC for MONSTERS and the most recent DISMEMBERMENT, have all been wonderfully greeted by Ravenous Fans of Carnage and Horror, and in early 2005 PFT will unleash a new CD of Monstrous proportions entitled " THE GRAND GUIGNOL"! In early 2003, changes started to be felt within the flesh of the beast. Musical directions were reconsidered, stage shows and the all around Horror of PFT was being compromised for reasons that needed to be remedied.
Exit Dinah Cancer and Hal Satan. With the future at hand and Horror being at the Heart of our Darkness, PENIS FLYTRAP continues much in the same way that it started, with Von Spivey and Fulci DYING to tell us all their stories of the macabre, the strange and the fantastic, all wrapped up in a hellish weave of wicked intent. PFT June 2004.


Cemetery Girl: