sábado, 29 de noviembre de 2008

...................From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania U.S.A.

Miembros Del Grupo:

Coffin Keenan - Guitar, Vocals
Marky Madness - Guitar, Vocals
Jordy Coroner - Bass, Backups
Dave Wild - Drums, Backups


Under A Nightmare began in the fall of 2002 in Pittsburgh, PA with guitarist/singer Coffin Keenan, Bassist Jordy Coroner, and The Cubscout on Drums. Marky Madness joined UAN in late 2003 as a guitarist/singer. After rehersing for months a demo titled as "I Thought She Was Dead" was recorded for fun in Jamestown, NY. The recording was sloppy and mostly made up in the studio on the spot but led to the band later being more serious and persuing a full length debut release "Valley Of The Scarecrow", recorded in Pittsburgh, PA and to be released on NJ's Crypt of Blood Records. The album never got a real release and since then every album has been put out by the band themselves DIY. By 2004 gigs started coming frequent in Pennylvania and shows started branching out to neighboring east coast states. Friendships with bands such as Late Night Zero, Blitzkid, Children of October and many more started forging and have lasted. The band returned to Jamestown, NY in April 2005 to record around ten songs for what would be "Return Of The Rot" a short album or long EP of sorts. Most of the rest of 2005 was spent touring the east coast. Throughout 2006 Under A Nightmare played many large shows with bands like The Misfits, Serpenteens, Independents, Boney Fiend, Rosedales, Dr. Chud's X-Ward. The band were also featured on Solomon Mortomur's "It Came From Trafalgar" horror movie soundtrack with the song Midnight Stroll. By September 2006 a new ablum titled "Monsters 89" was recorded in Ambridge, PA featuring 23 songs and most of the bands most popular songs to date. The Rest of 2006 and most of 2007 held very heavy touring of the east coast spot to spot as possible. Currently in 2008, Under A Nightmare are planning a tour of the entire U.S., Dave Wild has joined as drummer, as well as releasing a new album "Cemetery Getaway". Future plans are to get out to as many places in as many states and countries as possible!

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