sábado, 29 de noviembre de 2008

Bad Whoremoans:(2008)-Bad Whoremoans:
  1. Zombie Holocaust
  2. Surf Nazis Must Die
  3. Haddonfield Horror
  4. 21
  5. My Dead Girlfriend
  6. Killer Car
  7. Lily
  8. It's Alive
  9. Camp Crystal Lake
  10. Graveyard Girlfriend
  11. Class Of Nukem High
  12. She's Weird
  13. Vampire Pin Up Girl
  14. Science Fiction Double Feature
  15. My Dead Girlfriend (Live, Acoustic)
  16. She's Weird (Live, Acoustic)
  17. Graveyard Girlfriend (Live, Acoustic)
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Paul of the Living Dead dijo...


If you could take this down and maybe put a link to my website... www.PauloftheLivingDead.com I'd really appreciate it. We sell it for $6.66, the price of the beast.


Paul of the Living Dead
Bad Whoremoans