domingo, 16 de noviembre de 2008

.....................From Bellevue, U.S.A.

Miembros Del Grupo:

The Creeper (Vocals, Bass) , Charles Lee Ray(Guitar, Vocals), Rev. Jimmy Grimm (Guitar, Vocals) , Mr. Machine(Drums) ,Katrina Van Tassel(Dancer, Vocals).


Creepshow 1977 began in the fall of 2003 when The Creeper entered the studio to write and record an 11 song demo, after the demise of his former band, Booty Tank. After the demo was recorded, he began to search for a line-up. Jacob Caskets was the first to join, along with bassist Dan "Bruiser" Reilly. The drummer's slot was filled a mere three weeks before their first show by Mr. Machine. They gigged consistantly over the next year, gaining a small cult following around their respective hometowns. Halloween of 2004 marked the exit of Bruiser on bass, and the addition of Charles Lee Ray on rythym guitar. The band finished out the year with The Creeper taking on bass duties, as well as the frontman slot. February of 2005 marked the addition of Lurch "The Taker" Addams on bass. By this time, the band had played some impressive shows, opening for such noted acts as the Misfits, The Addicts, Wednesday 13 and former Misfits frontman Michale Graves. Since then, the band has become a regular local opener for Wednesday 13, as well as Michale Graves. The band entered Strangelove Studios in Cleveland, OH to record their eagerly awaited debut album NIGHT OF THE CREEP. The album will be released Oct. 21st 2006 at the 4th annual Bloodbash, where they will once again share the stage with Michale Graves. Now, with the departure of Charles Lee Ray, the four-piece Horrorpunk band promises to take NO prisoners, and deliver the most terrifying, outlandish stage show that northern OH, not to mention the WORLD has ever seen. Now signed to 2-4-5 Records, they are ready to crawl form their graves, into your living rooms... Beware the horror of Creepshow 1977!!...

Krissys Song:

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