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....................From Michigan U.S.A

The EverDead, simply put, is a Rock 'n Roll band inspired by the macabre (the horrific, the dark, and the evil) elements of both fiction and reality.

The EverDead is:

Adam Dravean - Vocals
Robert Baron - Bass
Sam Bones - Guitars
Michael Mortis - Keyboards
Bludlux - Drums

Formed in the spring of 2000, The EverDead emerged upon the streets of Grand Rapids, Michigan with the desire to make good music in a local scene dominated by cookie cutter "Nu-Metal", "Pop Punk", and "Christian Hardcore" bands. Adhering to the musical ethic, "if it can be considered Rock 'n Roll, we'll play it", The EverDead forged a sound that drew influence from the far reaches of the Rock 'n Roll genre (Metal, Punk, Goth, Rockabilly, Industrial, etc.).

However, due to constant lineup changes (Only Dravean and The Baron have remained since the beginning), their refusal to conform to the local scene, and the fact that they were considered too vulgar and/or evil to play at many local venues, The EverDead were forced to play sporadically. Despite these setbacks, they still managed to forge a name for themselves by putting on energetic and often outlandish performances while simultaneously gaining fans worldwide through the magic of the Internet.

On Halloween 2002, The EverDead released their debut CD, the "Slumber Party Massacre E.P.", which consisted of some of the bands more poppy sounding horror punk songs. The CD was very well received and sold out quickly, so the band followed it up with a "special edition" version of the EP that contained a better mix as well as a handful of bonus tracks and cover songs. This re-release of the CD, ingeniously titled "Slumber Party Massacre II", was released on August 9th 2003 at the @ntiFEST Horror Rock Festival.
Now, after nearly two years of silence, The EverDead are working on their final album: the long overdue "Zombies, Werewolves, & Demons", which will feature roughly twenty newly recorded tracks.

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