domingo, 13 de julio de 2008

..........From Tennessee U.S.A.

Miembros del grupo:
WOLFIE: Vocals,JIMMY JAMES: Big fucking hollowbody bass guitar,JEANO Rock Your Ass ROID : The Angus Young of Horror Rock,ZIGGY A. McNASTY: The Malcolm Young of Horror RockOL' ,DIRTY BOOMER: Drums.


The Cruds are five creepy bastards who are working on a very evil experiment in a cold, creepy laboratory on the seedy side of Nashville, TN. Now that our creepy plan has hatched, teenage Rawk zombies will turn against their parents. Good kids will go bad, bad kids will go even badder. Our faithful following will pen their allegience and sign it in their mammy's blood and send it to us with their daddy's wallet. In return, The Creeping Cruds will provide the mightiest Rock 'n Roll ever known to man. Three nasty chords and a cloud of dust that most certainly will topple the tallest buildings.
New CREEPING CRUDS record coming 2008! :
Since people keep asking I'll confirm the rumors.. YES, The Creeping Cruds have record 2 in the works.. Much of the music has been recorded but as was the case with Incredibly Strange People we're taking our time to get things as Cruddy as possible. I can tell you that stuff is sounding real nice - harder rockin' and bigger sounding than last time... Stay tuned and expect your asses to get rocked by early 08!

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