domingo, 5 de octubre de 2008

...............From Mockingbird Heights, Oklahoma U.S.A.

Miembros Del Grupo:

Christophe: vocals, guitar, bass, synths & Drums.
Blizzard: percussion, bass, programming & backing vocals.


Mockingbird Lane first appeared on the music scene in early 2002. Founder/frontman Christophe enlisted the help of his friends from therogy shortly after the band's demise to play some gigs. The band centers around Christophe, but over the years has featured many musicians from the Oklahoma area.

The band first went into the studio in early 2003 to record the "taken under" cd single. They recorded the song for inclusion in the Stephen King Dollar baby "I Know What You Need". The cd also included bonus tracks including Christophe's electronic side-project, xtoph.

Next the band hit the studio again in mid-2003 to record for a Misfits tribute album, "too much horror business-1977-1983-a tribute to the misfits". While there they went ahead and
recorded some other demo's and released the "2003 demo". This included two of the version's of "Taken Under" from the earlier single release, thier cover of The Misfits "She", and two new songs, "I... Vampire" and "Wolfshead".

In late 2004 BJ, an old friend and writing partner of Christophe's, got out of prison and ja
mmed with the band. A rare live version of the Mockingbird Lane standard "Dead Girl's Don't Say No" was recorded the day after he was released with BJ on lead vocals and guitar, Christophe on bass and Blizzard on drums. This was released in 2005 on the compilation."The harder, the better: volume 8".

Other compilations released in 2005 with Mockingbird Lane songs were"random infliction volume 2", a goth/industrial compilation cd/zine that featured the song "Taken Under", "the horror of it all", a compilation of horror-rock bands from The World Horror
Network that featured an early demo of "Dead Girls Don't Say No", and Blood And Guts Records horrorpunk compilation vol.2: the resurrection another horror-rock compilation that features the songs "I... Vampire" & "Wolfshead".

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