jueves, 29 de mayo de 2008

.......postearé un poco los clásicos,a alguien les puede faltar!!!


Dr.Chud. That name alone strikes fear and disgust to those unlucky enough to know it. Who is he? Where did he come from? Well I am going to try and piece together his checkerd and quite bloody past. Most of you have heard of the abominable Doctor due to the 6 years he spent with the legendary punk rock group known as The MISFITS, but there is far more to this story than that. On April 4th, 1964 this world was unfortunate enough to witness the birth of Chud, named after the movie that would be made some 20 years later with the acronym Canniblistic Humanoid Underground Drummer!.
He started his professional musical career as the lead skin beater for DAN KIDNEY and the PULSATIONS. For 8 years he terrozied audiences with the Pulsations until the band broke away and Chud latched onto SARDONICA featuring the legendary Sal Bee and Fish. The band was sort of a warm up of things to come. Playing hard hitting horror rock fit Chud well and when the call came from Jerry Only of The Misfits for Chud to join up, he answered back with a affirimative "yes".
It took time for The Misfits to actually be The Misfits so during a drawn out and complicated battle between the bands original singer Glenn Danzig and Jerry as to who really owns the band's name, Chud started a side-project known as "SACRED TRASH. Chud wrote, played guitar and even sang on the bands debut and only release known simply as "Sacred Trash". The band would not last long sadly enough as Jerry had gained The Misfits name and things began to move in a horrificly fast gear.....INCOMPLETO.......si quieres seguir leyendo has click en el enlace y luego en "bio".

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