jueves, 29 de mayo de 2008

......Uno de los pasados del Dr. Chud!!!

Durring the time Dr. Chud was playing with Kryst The Conquerer and Jerry was trying to get the Misfits name back, Chud started Sacred Trash. A band where Chud could perform the songs he and basses X had written. The band is a raunchy punk/rock band focusing on a variety of subjects. Chud and X 's humor shows through as most songs have very comical overtones.
Sacred Trash had one release, a self titled E.P. on cassette. 1,000 copies produced In January of 1995, Then Re-Realease on CD in June 2003 on Bloodwork Records. The whole record was written by chud and X and produced by Chud and was released on Real Life Horror Records. Reel Life Horror Records was established by Chud for Sacred Trash and has not put anything else out since. The lineup included Chud on Vox/Guitar, X on Bass/Keys/Vox and Liochi on Drums. Liochi hails from Brazil.

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