sábado, 31 de mayo de 2008

...Una banda que promete juicehead!!!


For some bands there are no accidents only destiny. Misfits Records is proud to announce the latest addition to it’s powerhouse punk rock label roster, JUICEHEAD!Ready, aimed and focused this three-piece power-trio, Rob Vannice (Guitar and Vocals), Tommy Kloss (Bass) and Zac-D (percussion) have already taken the Windy City by storm and are set to launch worldwide via Misfits Records. Taking their punk rock assault to the masses, in an age of corporate approved pseudo-punk, Chicago's Juicehead are truly the real deal. Their impressive 16-track debut, "The Devil Made Me Do It", is packed with face-ripping guitar muscle, sing-along hooks and a sonic rhythm section that demolishes buildings in its wake!Armed with a hard, aggressive melodic arsenal and thought provoking lyrics, Juicehead proudly defines the new breed of American punk rock. It’s all there, but be forewarned Juicehead pull no punches and will not hesitate to tell it like it is. Their music is infectious, contagious and the outbreak is spreading with enough punch to satisfy most old school punk rock fans, while simultaneously delivering a universal sound that any enlightened music fan will truly appreciate. Juicehead is what you’ve been looking for.Formed in late 2003, Juicehead forged from the ashes of several local punk bands and fused a unique union of skilled playing and solid songwriting. Members Rob Vannice and Zac-D have been active in the Chicago underground since 2000 in various bands, but after being estranged they crossed paths again. This time Rob had a secret weapon Tommy Kloss, a classically trained guitarist turned bass player with who he had been honing the Juicehead sound. With the addition of Zac-D on drums, the sound catapulted the power trio into ear bleeding abandon and an ambition to take it to the stage. Juicehead recently did just that all across North America on Misfits Records’ Fiend Fest tour featuring the Misfits, Osaka Popstar, The Adicts, UK Subs, Orange, and Juicehead! 2007 finds Juicehead on tour throughout North America (July-Sept.) with surf-punk pioneers Agent Orange.

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