martes, 10 de junio de 2008

.......From NORTH BABYLON, New York U.S.A.


The band consists of Al G on bass, Robert Shawn on drums, Omar Cabral on keyboards, Leo Cabral on percussion, and Nick Gerow on lead guitar. Frontman Shaun Kama, whose powerful baritone rides atop the mix like a silky fog, is the group's visionary and principal songwriter. "We're dually inspired by the darkenergy of punk rock and the anthem quality of folk rock," says Kama, "The Bad Seeds, New Model Army, and Johnny Cash are all influences." Kama is also well known for his long-standing tenure as vocalist for the internationally renowned (and still very active) DAMNATION with Al G and Robert Shawn. "BLOODJUNKIES is more than a side project," adds Kama. "DAMNATION sprouted another head called BLOODJUNKIES and it's just as hungry."
These six statuesque rejects from a western horror film literally wandered up on stage from the Audience and gave the audience something they weren't expecting. In fact BLOODJUNKIES' rabid blend of Punk Rockabilly and Goth was probably the last thing any of us expected to follow up the Over Reactors. If I had to tell you that BLOODJUNKIES sounded like anyone I would say they sounded most like the Misfits around their first album, however, that would be a big limit on what is actually a pretty damned good mix.

"If you have never heard of the BLOODJUNKIES, they are DAMNATION` new side project featuring members from DAMNATION and also a keyboard player and a percussionist. Describe their music as folk punk because, it's a little country, a little punk, with lots of ooohs and ahhhs, and Shaun sings while playing an acoustic guitar.

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