domingo, 1 de junio de 2008

...........ESTO SÍ ES HORROR PUNK!!!,From Michigan U.S.A.:


In the coldest depths of outer-space there is a planet not unlike this one. With water, trees and yes... The living. And this planet that I speak of was invaded. Invaded by alien creatures invoking the 9th plan of hostile takeover. Raising the dead from the grave to do their bidding, "The Walking Corpses" are four of those living dead. Astro Zombies from Another Dimension. Feeding on fear, gamma rays, and of course.. Brains! They are out for blood and coming after you. BEWARE!

Miembros del grupo:
Mickey Blood - Cries of mournful sorrow.
Charlie Famine - Guitar of demonic woe.
Tim Mortal - Bowel-shaking earthquakes of doubt and remorse.
And of corpse on the battle drums of death, cHeWie Flesh - The monstrous drummer from 6 feet under.

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