lunes, 8 de diciembre de 2008

.......................From Haltom City, Texas U.S.A.

Miembros Del Grupo:

Boo Gruesote – Vocals

Wretched – Guitars

T. Virus – Bass

Shrieks - Drums


The HORRiFiCS sprang from the depths of the Dallas/Ft.Worth music scene. Shadows given substance, the FEARsome four are HELLbent ..ging the unsuspecting kicking and screaming into their world of mist shrouded nightmares. Those brave enough to willingly enter this splatter house of chills find themselves haunted by sonic tales of HORROR, the MACABRE, and Halloween. A unique blend of fast paced punk rock catchiness and heavy metal skull crunching power, all seasoned with catchy sing-a-long choruses. Resulting in a witch's brew of frightening fun.

At the center of this phantom four piece stands lead vocalist and HORRiFiCS founder, GRUESOME. Known for his work with his prior splatter rock outfit EERiE Ln., this figure in black howls hymns of b-movie mischief and tongue-in-cheek TERROR. Directly on his right the flesh hungry T-ViRUS wields his bass with the intensity of a wolf devouring a fallen lamb. On Gruesome's left the horror known only as Wretched, who's guitar riffs grind like a chainsaw through the porcelain perfection of human bone. From behind his drum kit SHRiEKS' drum lines anchor this swirling chaos with a psychotic precision all his own. Testimony to this band's murderous convictions.

The HORRiFiCS hail from an unknown providence with a skyline perpetually peppered by the black shapes of crows and bats in flight. A DARK corner of the human psyche lit only by the flickering glow of jack-o-lantern grins. A place were Autumn reigns and twilight is eternal. You have been warned.

Calling Doc Horror:

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