domingo, 14 de diciembre de 2008

...........................From Chicago U.S.A.

Miembros Del Grupo:

Gina - vocals, guitar

Dan- guitar, vocals

Amy - bass, vocals

Scott - drums


Venom Lords formed in Chicago in 2004. They like zombie movies, cocktails, rock , country, swing, name it. Dan and Gina share guitar duties and vocals. Joining them is Gina’s former bandmate from the Pillowmints, Amy on bass and Tennesee trasplant, Scott on drums. With a few chords, they plow through songs paying tribute to Zombie Movies’ father, George Romero, and various other B-Movies. If you take a listen, you just may be able to save yourself in the event you are trapped in a house or world full of flesh eating zombies.

Venom Lords new video for the song, Dead Hate You, was recently mentioned on AMC’s Monsterfest and is in rotation on the local JBTV. Written and directed by L.A’s Seth Sherwood. You can view it here:

Venom Lords will be playing through the summer and recording their third album.

Dead Hate The Living:

Run Barbra Run:

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