domingo, 7 de diciembre de 2008

.......................From Covington, Kentucky U.S.A.

Miembros Del Grupo:

James Bondage - Vocals
Adam Alone - Guitar
Erik Stitches - Bass
Jason Hell - Drums
Greg Gallows - Guitar


The Reanimated was spawned in Northern KY in the winter of 2007. Bassist Erik Stitches and guitarist Adam Alone were working together on a small handful of songs just for kicks. Drummer Jason Hell was then added to lay drum tracks down on the material. It was almost immediate that the three realized the project (originally titled "Fury 58") was shaping up to be something much more than just a little side gig. With the few songs in hand, vocalist James Bondage was asked to come in and write lyrics for the tracks. Jimi's trademark writing style and insane vocal ability sealed the project's fate. The band was christened "The Reanimated" and it was taken on as a full time band.

With the originals in hand, the band set out to take the world by the throat. Playing shows and promoting the band at breakneck speeds, The Reanimated started getting noticed for their catchy songs and furious live sets. Things were going in the right direction but something was still missing. As good as the material was the band realized that it could be better. The decision was then made to bring in a second guitarist to fill out the sound. Erik Stitches made one call to longtime scene veteran and friend Sean Sleaze. Sean toured and recorded with the band for about a year before departing to pursue other projects. New guitarist Greg Gallows was added to the fold in august of 2008. Greg continues to bring the metal!

With a collective interest in bad movies, bad beer and lightsaber fights, The Reanimated continue to push forward with attitude and a relentless work ethic. So next time The Reanimated come to your town, hold on to your seat! It's a show you will never forget as we continue to bring the very best in horror possible!

Sometimes They Come Back:

They Live:

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