domingo, 13 de abril de 2008

..........The Serpenteens...........

Serpenteens History :

NYC’s SERPENTEENS were formed by Gee Grant (Alphamayle) and Mark “Bub” Zap by combining a passion for horror, fantasy and zombie movies, with the love of theatrical bands (KISS, Misfits, Alice Cooper etc). The look of the classic film "zombie" combined with a catchy "monsterpop" sound, became both an inspiration and a signature trademark. The band’s lyrics draw influences from monster and horror movies (both classic and contemporary), Science Fiction and even Spaghetti Westerns! In 2002 seasoned recording/touring veterans Frank Morin (Frank N. Stein) and Glenn Sorino (The Creature) rounded out the band’s present lineup.
The band has played over 800 shows in cities all across the US and in 2006 signed to Washington State label Blood And Guts Records through which they released their first full CD “Dead Men Walking” to critical acclaim. “(Please Be My) Zombie Bride”, “Calling All Monster Kids”, and “Hell California”, are songs that struck a chord with listeners and created a legion of new fans through internet radio exposure, press and word of mouth. Often compared to bands such as The Misfits, KISS, The Ramones, Ozzy Osbourne and even The Damned, the band’s theatrical, polished live performance has also been hailed by most who have seen them.
Serpenteens have become synonymous with the underground wave of Horror Rock And Roll while also being acknowledged as forefathers of this new and burgeoning scene containing hundreds of bands from all over the world. The band wrote the theme song for Fangoria Radio (hosted by Dee Snider of Twisted Sister and Scream Queen Debbie Rachon) and has made numerous appearances on the show for live performances. Several of the members also play in the live band and record with Goth’s reigning king Voltaire.
In July of 2007 the band released it’s follow-up CD “The Superhuman Monstershow” which was also immediately accepted by critics and fans alike as the next step in Serpenteens “eviloution”. The band is currently fully endorsed by Hartke Amplification, Coffin Case and Samson Electronics.

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