domingo, 27 de abril de 2008

......Desde Phoenix, Arizona: "Calabrese"........


Formed in 2003 the brothers CALABRESE have come a long way in four short years. "We are a very lucky band, our fans our amazing and I think selling our Souls is paying off because people just want to help the band progress." -Jimmy Calabrese. Fueled by the cult success of "13 HALLOWEENS", CALABRESE has recorded a follow up CD "THE TRAVELING VAMPIRE SHOW". The January 2007 release promises to deliver the horror with new 12 songs of ghoulish delight. "THE TRAVELING VAMPIRE SHOW" shows the development that CALABRESE has achieved. Only one listen will demonstrate the tighter performances, the more devolved songwriting and the more powerful mind controlling frequencies. Even though CALABRESE has been compared to the MISFITS, RAMONES and early AFI, "THE TRAVELING VAMPIRE SHOW" is distinctly CALABRESE. "Brothers Bobby, Jimmy and Davey have not only been gifted with a last name that doubles as a great band name...which, much like 13 HALLOWEENS, is destined for cult status." - Gothic Beauty Magazine.

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