sábado, 20 de septiembre de 2008

.........From Los Angeles, California USA....

Miembros del Grupo:

Dave Grave - mouth
Tommy Marseilles - guitar
L. Ron Jeremy - guitar
Bart Sinister - bass
Stevyn Grey - drums


In 1998-2003 FRANKENSTEIN reappeared in the studio that summer, recording Black Train Rollin’ for the Blackout A.D. compilation, with Dave Grave, Jeff F. on drums, William Faith (FAITH AND THE MUSE) on bass and FRANKENSTEIN’s original guitarist Mark Pritchard. The cut was well received internationally and the search resumed for new members. By late 2000 the monster was back in rehearsal with William on lead, L. Ron Jeremy on rhythm guitar, Bart Sinister on bass and Stevyn Grey on drums.

In March 2001 the monster took the stage at Release The Bats (Long Beach) to a capacity crowd. Word spread overnight via the internet that FRANKENSTEIN was truly back from the dead and bigger than ever. Album production began as William started booking a 24-city U.S. tour for that summer. Unfortunately, 5 weeks before the tour was to start, William was forced to pull out. The album unfinished, and the band without a suitable replacement, the tour was cancelled.

That November, the Rev Peckawood returned to California…and FRANKENSTEIN. In March 2002, a year to the day since their last appearance, the band played again to a capacity crowd, the long absence only increasing their mystique. Work on the album, appropriately entitled An Ugly Display Of Self-Preservation has resumed, and is expected to be released before year’s end. The band has received offers to play Europe in summer 2003.
The FRANKENSTEIN ground swell is threatening to become a seismic wave.

At this time, the Reverend, one of Frankenstein’s earliest attachments, giving the band such pounding tunes as Lovecraft, and the live favorite, Things That’s Dead, played his last show with Frankenstein to a capacity crowd on May 24th, 2003 at The Scene in Glendale. Thanks to all who attended & apologies to those who couldn’t get in ‘cause the place was so damned packed!The ways of a serial killer may never be completely understood by us normal folk, but nonetheless, the Reverend will be sorely missed.

2003-Present: Now missing a vital organ, Frankenstein went searching and found a brand new piece of flesh in… Tommy Marseilles– Swamp Guitar King! He gained notoriety with local New Orleans punk & deathrock bands, making him a perfect limb for Frankenstein.

And now on the verge of their long overdue first release, the band has still outlasted the critics and skeptics, overcoming internal collapse and external attacks, and winning over the most jaded audiences to their cause. Whatever the future may bring, Dave Grave has had his revenge...FRANKENSTEIN lives!

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